Tweet RPG Combat

You will sometimes be offered the choice to fight during your adventure. The outcome of combat will be determined by yours and your opponent's stats.

Basic Combat

There are four stats that come into play during a Tweet RPG battle. They are 'Attack' (ATK), 'Defence' (DEF), 'Speed' (SPD) and 'Hit Points' (HP). ATK determines the maximum amount of damage a combatant can inflict through normal attacks per strike. DEF determines the possible amount of damage that can be negated per strike. SPD determines who strikes first and how many attacks per round a combatant can make (if a combatant has a SPD stat 1.5 times higher than their opponent, they can make two attacks per round). HP determines how many hits you and your opponent can respectively take before being defeated.
  • For example, let's say you, the hero, have these stats – ATK: 9, DEF: 6, SPD: 6, HP: 25
  • You meet an opponent – a thief! His stats – ATK: 5, DEF: 4, SPD: 7, HP: 12
  • The thief would get to attack first, as his SPD stat is higher than yours. If your SPD is the same as your enemy, will used to determine who begins.
  • Six dice are rolled using because you have a DEF stat of 6 - for each die that shows an even number, you have defended a possible point of damage
  • Let's say four even numbers are rolled - this means the thief inflicts -1 point of damage (5 - 4 = 1).
  • Now it's your turn - the same process is carried out, but using your ATK stat and the thief's DEF stat. Once your attack has been carried out, it's the thief's turn again.
  • The fight continues until either you or your opponent run out of HP – if you run out and don't have any healing items, you are dead and have failed.

Threat Warnings

When you encounter an enemy, you will be given an assessment of the level of danger they represent. For example, you might see '[low threat]' after the enemy's name - this indicates the battle will be fairly easy. If you face multiple enemies, those with different stats will receive different threat warnings.

Multiple Assailants

When fighting multiple assailants, each of your enemies will have a chance to attack you during a round of fighting. You will always target the lesser enemies first, before taking care of the more dangerous foes.

Healing During Combat

If you have an appropriate healing item in your inventory, i.e. one that can be used during battle, and your HP drops to 0, you will automatically use this item, restoring a portion of your HP. The phrase 'AUTO-HEAL' will be displayed when this action occurs. Depending on the specific rules of the current adventure, there may be other ways to restore heal during battle.

Long-Range Combat

During most Tweet RPG adventures you will be provided with a long-range weapon or secondary weapon of some kind. The way this weapon operates is dependant on the specific mechanics of each individual story, but there are two main ways which may be used to carry out long-range combat:
  • You are given the option to use your long-range weapon before combat begins, as long as you have projectiles (bullets, arrows, etc.) in your inventory. If you choose to do so, one die is rolled – 1-3 = a miss, 4,5 = a hit (HP halved) and 6 = an instant kill. If you are facing multiple assailants, you can fire one shot per enemy, as long as you have enough projectiles to do this. In some story situations your long-range weapon may be rendered temporarily unusable, forcing you to engage in close combat.
  • Your long-range weapon is automatically used during combat, at intervals predetermined by the weapons attributes, adding extra damage to your attacks during close combat. When long-range combat operates in this fashion, your weapon will have three attributes – Dam (how much extra 'damage' the weapon inflicts per use), RR (the number of combat 'rounds' the weapon must 'recharge' before it can be reused) and RA (the number of 'rounds' until the weapons 'ammo' is depleted).

You may be given the option during the adventure to swap out your current long-range weapon for another weapon with different characteristics. Some may inflict heavy damage but have limited ammo and some may inflict no immediate damage but cause useful status effects – be sure to choose wisely!

If you have any queries about Tweet RPG combat, or any suggestions for how the mechanics could be improved, feel free to comment below or send me a tweet!

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