Saturday, 30 June 2012

Hack 'N' Slash Hero: Story Summary - Votes 97-106

  • A new hero is chosen to face off against Afflicted Tharn – Mookus Maximus, the sentient cybernetic potato (no.59)! In the guise of your new character, you defeat the brainwashed dwarf in combat, breaking the Affliction's power over him and sending him back to the ranks of waiting heroes.
  • You decide to question the previously infected Visgarthian, who lies unconscious nearby. He is terrified when he wakes, but you calm him and get some useful info from him.
  • Following the man's advice, you head for the eastern wall of the city. Entering through a blown-out section of the battlements, you opt to traverse the rooftops, heading towards the palace at the centre of the city – where you figure you'll find the leader of the Affliction.
  • Making your way stealthily over the rooftops, you come to a wide river cutting through the city. You choose to cross via a small boat, but there are a large number of Afflicted Visgarthians on the streets below. You create a distraction, and make it to the boat undetected.
  • Rowing across the river, you enter a tunnel in the river wall. Inside, you find a jetty at the side of the tunnel, leading to a locked iron bar door. You leave the boat, break through the locked door, and head up a flight of stairs.
  • You find yourself in a small armoury, two Afflicted soldiers also in the room. The brainwashed men attack and heavily injure you, but you manage to defeat them. You search the room and find some useful items, but someone approaches...
  • You try to bar the door but an Afflicted Visgarthian berserker crashes through before you can do so. You struggle against the powerful man and are forced to slay him. The doorway leading out of the room appears to be clear – will you head onwards this way or return to the boat and continue along the tunnel? Head over to Twitter, follow @tw33t_rpg, and make your choice!

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Hack 'N' Slash Hero: Story Summary - Votes 87-96

  • You run for the portal leading back to the Arcalith, the horde of monsters hot on your tail. Two of the creatures grab ahold as you dive through. You appear back in the alternative dimension in your school uniform – the monsters have also travelled through and taken control of some aggressive bullies.
  • After decking the bullies and carefully negotiating one of their older brothers, you are transported back to the Arcalith. The Archmaester is battling a monolithic monster – you pitch into the fight, using your 'Guardian Summon' ability to thrash the giant.
  • The Archmaester forces you to head for a recently opened portal, leading to the final challenge of your adventure – destroying the leader of The Affliction. You are transported away from the Arcalith as the Archmaester unleashes a wave of self-destructive force to destroy the onslaught of invading monsters.
  • You find yourself on the edge of a forest, looking down over a city. Under the darkness of night, you see no lights in the city and smoke arising. Taking the main road down the hill, you head towards the city.
  • A figure approaches you on the road. You opt to continue towards the figure – it's a Visgarthian man, but he's been infested by a parasite of The Affliction. The man tries to attack you, so you knock him unconscious. When you try to remove the writhing parasite from the man's head, the black mass leaps onto your body, taking control.
  • Tharn has been overtaken by the parasite – we need a new hero to stop him from fulfilling the orders of The Affliction! Choose a hero who you think is best suited to defeat Tharn from the Hack 'N' Slash Hero character list, and tweet your choice to @tw33t_rpg!

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Hack 'N' Slash Hero: New ability - Guardian Summon!

Here's all the info on the last of the 'Strength of Ages' abilities – 'Guardian Summon'. The function of this ability is fairly self explanatory – you summon a personage of greater power to fight in your place. Here's how to make use of it:
  • You must request help from a Twitter user with over 25,000 followers – hopefully they will respond and help you defeat your enemy
  • You can petition multiple users, but I would advise against spamming a particular user repeatedly
  • Working as a team is permitted – if you think you know the best person to ask, you may encourage others to do so too
  • Make sure you include the Tweet RPG username - @tw33t_rpg – in your request for help
  • If no guardian is summoned before the vote ends at 8pm GMT, you will have failed and will face the consequences.

Feel free to tweet me or comment below if you have any questions. Have fun!

Monday, 18 June 2012

Hack 'N' Slash Hero: Mega Recap and Story Summary - Votes 77-86

As we're about to enter the final phase of Hack 'N' Slash Hero, I thought I'd let you have a 'two-for-one' bargain – your weekly story summary and another mega recap! How generous am I? Here's a catch-up from the very beginning of the current adventure:
  • Hack 'N' Slash Hero centres around an elite force of interdimensional warriors who are happy to save any world from peril... for a price.
  • The realm of Visgarthia has hired the 'Warriors of the Eternal Quest' to rid them of their nemesis, a horde of demonic monsters known as 'The Affliction'.
  • Our heroes must find three special abilities, 'The Strength of Ages', so they can defeat this dark enemy – they've just obtained the final of the three, so it's time to face the last chapter of the story...
  • Every time one of our heroes is defeated or dies, a new warrior takes their place. The previous hero is transported back to their comrades and waits to see if they will be chosen again for the quest.
  • There has been an odd occurrence throughout this adventure; every time one of the 'Strength of Ages' has been obtained, our hero has been transported to a strange alternate dimension, where Hack 'N' Slash Hero is merely a game and the hero is a schoolchild. Very odd...

There's your mega recap – share this with anyone who's interested in joining the game at this late stage – always looking for new players. Now, here's your summary of last week's action:
  • You across the river with your Tauk Tauk (who you decide to call Boomer) – the guarrocat doesn't follow you across – phew! You head onwards up the mountain.
  • After trekking up the mountain for a long while, Boomer seems to be tiring. You take refuge in a cave, but it turns out to be the lair of a poisonous spine-bear. Using one of your special abilities, you obliterate your opponent.
  • After resting in the cave, you continue onwards. Boomer leads you towards what appears to be a dead-end, but it turns out Tauk Tauks can climb up vertical walls! You are ambushed by a winged beast called Dyrunn as you climb, but defeat it and make it to the top.
  • Reaching the entrance to a giant cavern, you find the monsters of the Affliction have beaten you to it. You stage a distraction with Boomer's help and kill the monsters. Inside the cavern, you find the final of the 'Strength of Ages', but it's inside a massive stone mouth which demands that you sacrifice a life to obtain it.
  • You opt to force a monster into the mouth and thus gain the final ability. A whole horde of dark creatures rushes towards you – will you try out your new ability, or head for the portal that should lead you back to the Arcalith?

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Hack 'N' Slash Hero: New ability - Pinpoint Assault!

It's time to use your latest super skill, 'Pinpoint Assault! This, the second of the 'Strength of Ages' abilities, is all about finding your enemy's weaknesses and exploiting them to maximum affect. It may sound cool, but you're gonna have to do some work if you want to defeat the deadly monsters you face!

Here's how Pinpoint Assault works; the phrase '[ARMOUR BREAK]' has been hidden in six places on this blog or on Twitter. For each of these six weaknesses that you find, you deal -1HP to your opponent(s). However, if multiple players find the same weakness, the damage dealt is doubled i.e. 2 players = 4 points, 3 players = 6. Here's how you submit your findings:
  • Tweet this message to me - '#ARMOURBREAK #trpg79'
  • Send me a DM containing the link to the page(s) where you find the [ARMOUR BREAK], or the name of the page

Try to avoid tweeting me the link or page name, as this will spoil the game for others who haven't had a chance to look yet. You have until 8pm GMT to find as many of the weaknesses as you can, so get to work! Happy adventures!

Friday, 8 June 2012

Hack 'N' Slash Hero: Story Summary - Votes 71-76

  • You can't resist having a look inside the hut on the hill. It's a small hunting shack with a trap door in the floor. Smashing open the door, you find a cask of ale – always useful! You head down the hill to catch yourself a Tauk Tauk.
  • Creeping slowly towards the herd, you startle a couple of the more alert creatures. You opt to saddle up the defiant runt – it puts up a spirited fight, but you manage to earn its respect. The creature carries you towards the mountain and the final of the Strength of Ages.
  • You find your path blocked by a swiftly flowing river. Deciding not to risk a dangerous crossing, you head downstream. You find a safer spot to ford the river, but something spooks your Tauk Tauk. There's a predator nearby – a deadly guarrocat.
  • You try to intimidate the creature, which seems to work. The gaurrocat runs off a short way, but still watches from a distance. This could be a good opportunity to cross the river and continue on, but it could also be prudent to slay the predator first...

Friday, 1 June 2012

Hack 'N' Slash Hero: Story Summary - Votes 61-70

  • Time for a splurge – you spend all your VP on the book. Knowing your enemies stats should be very useful. Leaving the Merchant, you head into the town and are introduced to the chieftain. He informs you that the next of the Strength of Ages is at the top of the nearby mountain – but you'll need to catch a Tauk Tauk to carry you to the peak.
  • You decide to investigate the town before you wrangle one of these beasts. Entering the local tavern, you find the clientele to be rather unwelcome – you have to lay one of the locals out before you leave. Heading off to the marketplace, you find a useful looking saddle, but without any currency you'll have to do the trader a favour...
  • The trader asks you to find two brothers who have been stealing his goods, and relinquish a valuable elixir from them. You find the shack where the siblings live and knock on the front door. One of the men answers – he's got a vicious-looking dog creature on a chain.
  • You attempt to reason with the man, but his brother sneaks up from behind, inflicting a sneak attack on you. Utilising your strength, you knock your assailant out. After a bloody battle, you defeat the other man and his deadly pet.
  • Gravely injured, you stumble inside the shack. Searching for something to regain your stamina, you drink from a bottle of dark liquid. Bad move – the toxic fluid doesn't take long to rot your insides, gifting current hero Ironfist with an agonising death.
  • A new hero arrives to take Ironfist's place – hammer-wielding dwarf mercenary, Tharn (no.56). Heading back to the marketplace, you explain to the confused trader who you are and what happened to Ironfist. The man is overcome with emotion at your fallen comrade's devotion – he gives you the saddle and the elixir.
  • Leaving the town as Visgarthia's sun begins to set, you start hunting down a herd of Tauk Tauk on the plain. As you follow the herd's tracks, you spot a hut on a hilltop nearby – is it worth making a detour to check it out?

IMPORTANT INFO: Because it's the Royal Jubilee in the UK this weekend, us Brits have been given the day off work on Monday and Tuesday. Therefore, vote no.70 will stay open until 8am on Wednesday the 6th of June – no new updates until then. Have a good weekend!

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