Tweet RPG Gameplay

If you just want to jump straight into the action, all you'll need is the 'basic voting' paragraph. If you want to get further under the skin of the gameplay mechanics behind Tweet RPG, read on to find out more!

Basic Voting

Firstly, sign up to Twitter (if youhaven't already) and follow @tw33t_rpg. An extended prologue for each adventure will be posted on this blog – read this to get the full introduction to the story. Find the current story decision (search #trpgsu on Twitter) and post your hashtag vote. Here is an example story tweet:

"You stand on the open plains, the road forking into three paths ahead of you. Will you go North = #trpg1a, East = #trpg1b or West = #trpg1c?"

To place you vote, send us a tweet containing the appropriate hashtag for your choice. For example:

"@tw33t_rpg #trpg1c I say we go West"

Each voting session will stay open for roughly 12 hours – this is to ensure that players across the globe all have an equal opportunity to join in with the fun. Reminders will be posted when the voting is coming to an end. Once the voting is closed, the votes will be counted and the story will continue in accordance with the majority choice.

New voting options are posted on Twitter roughly between 8-9 am and pm, GMT. There may be situations where voting closes early or late (got to fit this project around the pressures of real-life!) - you'll be given prior warning if this is the case. Also, there are no new story updates at the weekends, as these are my 'days of rest'. Friday evening's voting session ends early, between 6-7pm, and stays open until Monday morning.

Advanced Voting

There are two alternate types of story choice which may be offered during a Tweet RPG adventure, which allow an individual player to take control of the narrative direction:
  • Open Votes – this type of story choice offers each player the chance to submit their own idea for how the adventure should progress, rather than follow set choices from the moderator. Once the voting session has closed, the moderator will pick their favourite of the suggestions made, and this will be used to continue the story.
  • Quick Votes – some decisions require immediate action to maintain the pace of the story and some decisions are too mundane to require an entire twelve hour voting session. In these situations, a 'quick vote' is used. The first player to respond to the story choices offered gets to make the decision. Nice and simple.

Character Creation

Before a Tweet RPG adventure begins, you will be offered a variety of options to shape the attributes of your character. Each story will have its own specific aspects, but there a two stages of character creation that will generally be employed in all adventures:
  • Choosing stats – there are three stats which affect how a Tweet RPG protagonist will fare in battle and during story events: ATK = character's ability to deal damage in combat, DEF = character's defence against attacks and physical resilience, and SPD = character's speed, which affects timing and amount of attacks per round, and agility. You will be offered the choice to favour one of these stats, e.g. high ATK stat and lower DEF and SPD, or you can opt for a balanced approach.
  • Choosing perks – a variety of character perks will be available to choose from, which will have positive effects during story events and/or combat, and may open up new story options which wouldn't be available without a particular perk.


For each Tweet RPG adventure you will be given an inventory, located at the the top-right of every page of this blog – this contains information about your character and items you have on your person. Although each different adventure may have its own particular adjustments, these are the basic details you will generally find:
  • Base Stats – your character's attributes, as defined during the 'Character Creation' process.
  • Status Effects – you may find yourself inflicted with temporary conditions that either harm or help you during your quest, the consequences of which are detailed here until they wear off.
  • Hit Points – the amount of hits you can take until you are killed or defeated.
  • Perks – during the 'Character Creation' section of each adventure you will be offered a choice of perks, which provide your character with an extra skill or helpful attribute.
  • Items – a list of the items in your character's possession, including projectiles for long-range weapons, healing items, key story items etc.
  • Last updated – the last time the inventory was updated!

Testing Stats

During the events of a Tweet RPG adventure, you will come across situations where your character's stats may effect the outcome of a story event. When offered a choice that requires agility, speed or stealth, such as jumping across a ravine, your SPD stat will be tested. When an action requires you to display strength or resilience, breaking through a locked door for example, your DEF stat is tested. When a stat is tested, two dice are rolled. If the number is less than or equal to your stat, you have been successful. If the number is higher than your stat, you have been unsuccessful and will face the consequences! Be aware of your character's strengths and make choices that play to your advantages.


Tweet RPG adventures are perilous quests. You'll be entering into deadly battles, navigating treacherous terrain and avoiding traps and surprises. With death around every corner, it's very likely that you'll meet the Grim Reaper at some point. If you die or fail there will be consequences, but they will be specific to the adventure. Here are a few options that could be employed:

  • The hero dies or is defeated, meaning that the story ends. The ultimate conclusion is withheld or revealed through a brief summary, letting the players know what could have happened.
  • Another protagonist steps in and continues the story in the dead/defeated hero's place e.g. a relative, associate or other significant character.
  • The story works so that death or failure fits logically within the structure i.e. losing combat causes you to be captured, with escape becoming your new quest, or death sends you into an afterlife quest, where you have to fight your way back to the physical world to continue.

Additional Content

Each Tweet RPG story takes place on Twitter, but that's not the only place you'll find awesome narrative content! Each adventure begins with a prologue to set the scene, and features an exciting epilogue at the end. You'll also receive weekly story summaries in case you missed any of the action, and updates on any gameplay changes.

  • Once a story progression tweet has been posted, i.e. a tweet offering story decisions, followers have roughly 12 hours to post their choice. A warning will be posted to alert followers when the closing time is near. No votes will be counted after the moderator has posted the 'closing' tweet.
  • One vote per account. Multiple votes or simultaneous votes for multiple options will be void. However, users with multiple accounts may cast multiple votes if using a different account for each vote.
  • If after a voting session the vote is tied, will be used to determine the story decision.
  • The 'story events web' will be finalised before the story begins, but the moderators reserve the right to adjust the story as they seen fit.
  • Anyone deemed to be spoiling the Tweet RPG experience for other users (through abusive/offensive language etc.), or consistently aiming to exploit the project for their own gain, will be blocked and excluded from further Tweet RPG adventures.
  • Tweet RPG is currently in the prototype stage of development, and thus the moderators reserve the right to adjust any of the rules or processes, to ensure users are provided with the most effective and satisfactory experience possible.
  • Have fun and enjoy yourselves!
If you have any questions about how to play Tweet RPG, or any suggestions for additions/changes to the gameplay mechanics, feel free to comment below or send me a tweet! Up for a fight? Check out the Tweet RPG combat mechanics!

Tweet RPG - join in with the adventure!