Starfall: Part One - the complete adventure

Catch up with all the action from our second adventure, science-fiction epic Starfall!
A Grak, one of your enemies in Starfall - sketched by @Symatt
Setting the scene: The Starfall Prologue - Part One
Tweaking the gameplay: Starfall-Specific Updates
Building your AuGArma: Character Creation

Beginning the adventure: The Starfall Prologue - Part Two
Story Summaries - Votes 1-12
- Votes 13-20
- Votes 21-34
- Votes 35-46
- Votes 47-59
- Votes 60-71
- Votes 72-79
The story ends, but the adventure has just begun: The Starfall Epilogue
Some in-depth analysis: Starfall Stats and Achievements

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