Hack 'N' Slash Hero - the complete adventure

Mash that d-pad, enter your cheat code, and kick some eight-bit backside!

Press any button to start: The Hack 'N' Slash Hero Prologue

Read the manual: Gameplay Updates
Getting ready: Hack 'N' Slash Hero - Start Dates
Build your hero: Character Creation
Recruitment: Character creation so far
Roll call: The Character List
Story Summaries: Votes 1-10
Votes 11-20
Votes 21-30
Votes 31-40
Votes 41-50
Votes 51-60
Halfway Recap
Votes 61-70
Votes 71-76
Mega Recap and Votes 77-86
Votes 87-96
Votes 97-106
Votes 107-115
The final boss: The Hack 'N' Slash Hero Epilogue
Battle report: Statistics
You're a winner! Achievements

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