Saturday, 28 April 2012

Hack 'N' Slash Hero: Story Summaries - Votes 11-20

  • You ask the Archmaester to tell you about the challenges ahead – he explains that the Strength of Ages can only be obtained after facing challenges which will test your limits, in three separate locations across Visgarthia. Then, he promptly leaves.
  • After restoring your stamina with a potion, you choose to visit the savannah first, stepping into the pool. You sink into the water, and when you open your eyes you're in an arid desert, heat beating down on you.
  • There's a rocky cliff-face nearby and a stone pillar in the distance – the stone pillar appears more interesting. Approaching the pillar, you find it to be a basin engraved with the words, “feed me the water of life.” You figure message must mean blood, so you shed a few drops onto the stone...
  • Before you can react, the basin morphs into a tooth-filled mouth, closing around your hand. You manage to get it free, but take some damage. The basin sinks the ground, which begins to shake. The area where you stand suddenly rises up – you are standing on a enormous six-legged behemoth, a wide chunk of living landscape.
  • Once you gain your balance, you head towards a tower on the creature's back. Three stone gargoyles with halberds block your path – you decide to approach them. The lead gargoyle informs you that you must confront 'the Helmsman' who guides the behemoth, before challenging you to prove yourself in combat.
  • After defeating the gargoyle, its companions allow you to continue on your way. Making your way to the tower, you choose to enter through the main entrance, despite some eerie laughter you hear within. Inside, you find a staircase leading up to a doorway above.
  • As you step onto the stairs, the tower itself attacks you, vicious protrusions lashing out at you. Douglas McMichaels fights the tower creature valiantly, but falls in combat – a new hero is summoned to help the people of Visgarthia, the confused but kind werewolf, Loupy (49).
  • After fighting off the tower creature, you climb the stairs. On a platform outside the tower, you find the Helmsman, a grizzled figure completely covered by leather bands and a cloak, holding a giant pair of reins which control the behemoth. You opt to approach the Helmsman in a friendly manner, and he makes you an offer – he'll take you to the Strength of Ages, but only if you accept to kill his brother when you arrive. Will you accept, threaten him, or suggest a different deal?

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Hack 'N' Slash Hero: Story Summaries - Votes 1-10

  • The Power picks out three warriors who may begin the quest – Wild West hero Douglas McMichaels is chosen and steps into the vortex, zooming across the universe to help the Visgarthians.
  • Landing in a deserted square, you climb a nearby bell tower to get your bearings. Soldiers battle against horned monsters with vicious beaks and talons in the nearby streets – two of them run into the square below, the creatures attacking them.
  • Using your gunslinger skills, you aid the soldiers in combat. They urge you to head towards a temple-like structure called the 'Arcalith', where someone called the 'Archmaester' needs to meet you. You accept the offer of an escort from the soldiers.
  • As you head towards the Arcalith, you spot a young soldier under attack. You help him defeat his foe, then make your way onwards, finding the main street towards the temple full of battling soldiers and monsters.
  • Throwing caution to the wind, you head into the battle, straight towards the towering building. After taking out a monster and helping out your soldier companions, you push onwards to the wide steps leading up to the Arcalith.
  • A massive creature blocks your path, spewing out venom and smashing soldiers to a pulp. A head-on attack could end badly – some creativity may be needed to get past this foe...
  • Distracting beast (and taking some damage), you allow the soldiers to launch an all-out offensive, defeating the enemy. Moving inside the Arcalith, you are approached by the Merchant, a seedy little man with various items for sale – you choose a health salve.
  • At the top of the Arcalith you find the Archmaester. After unleashing a massive magical attack and pushing back the enemy for the time being, the old man leads you to a room with magical pools for transportation.
  • The Archmaester tells you that you must obtain the 'Strength of Ages' – abilities to defeat the Visgarthian's enemy, 'the Affliction'. The old man offers to answer one question before you move on...

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Hack 'N' Slash Hero: The Character List

Here they are, in all their glory – the 'Warriors of the Eternal Quest'! The response to the Hack 'N' Slash Hero character creation has exceeded my expectations by miles. I'm being completely sincere when I say I'm so happy to see you guys getting creative and joining in – thank you. A couple of housing-keeping points:
  • I've arranged your characters in alphabetical order according to your Twitter username, and then in alphabetical order according to character names for players who made multiple heroes
  • All the stats have been updated according to your [secondary equip] and [constitution] choices – let me know if you think my calculations are wrong
  • I've very lightly edited some of the submissions, just to remove any spelling/grammar errors – once again, let me know if there are any issues
  • When the adventure begins, and whenever a character dies/fails, three characters will be chosen at random – you, the players, will then vote on which hero to send into the fray. The previous hero will return to the ranks for the next time a new character is needed.

I'll see you guys on Monday when the adventures begins – until then, here are your heroes!



Name: Ruddiger
Race: Human
Bio: A little bit of a ruddy, but loveable of course, moron
Stats: ATK: 8 DEF: 6 SPD: 7
Equip: [MI]
Constitution: Agile [HP: 14]



Name: Drekk
Race: Spacer
Bio: A ratbag miner from the asteroids
Stats: ATK: 8 DEF: 6 SP: 10
Equip: Plasma Drill [HLR]
Constitution: Agile [HP: 14]
Conpulsion Bonus: +1 all stats



Name: Bruug
Race: Half-Troll
Bio: Palace Guard To The Undermountain Kin
Stats: ATK: 13 DEF: 5 SPD: 5
Equip: Spiked Club [DH]
Constitution: Balanced [HP: 16]


Name: Colorado Smith
Race: Human
Bio: Whip-wielding, Fedora-wearing archaeologist
Stats: ATK: 4 DEF: 8 SPD: 7
Equip: Whip [MI]
Constitution: Balanced [HP: 16]


Name: Douglas McMichaels
Race: Human
Bio: Old West Law Enforcement
Stats: ATK: 6 DEF: 7 SPD: 8
Equip: Colt 1860 [HLR]
Constitution: Agile [HP: 14]


Name: Foog One-Tooth
Race: Hill Giant
Stats: Dull-witted savage from the unsettled badland
Stats: ATK: 11 DEF: 5 SPD: 1
Equip: Thrown boulders [HLR]
Constitution: Tough [HP: 18]


Name: Greenshank
Race: Centaur
Bio: Protector of the Alben Wood
Stats: ATK: 6 DEF: 6 SPD: 8
Equip: Oaken Longbow [LLR]
Constitution: Balanced [HP: 16]


Name: Greentooth
Race: Goblin
Bio: Bard who uses magic instrument to cause pain
Stats: ATK: 5 DEF: 7 SPD: 7
Equip: Lute Of Discordant Pain [MI]
Constitution: Balanced [HP: 16]


Name: Halifastrinuthix
Race: Quickling
Bio: Fleet-footed skirmishing fae wielding a small dagger
Stats: ATK: 3 DEF: 4 SPD: 16
Equip: No secondary
Constitution: Agile [HP: 14]


Name: Jed The Dead
Race: Zombie
Bio: Confederate Soldier in Alt. Hist US Civil War
Stats: ATK: 8 DEF: 10 SPD: 2
Equip: Ghostshot Rifle [LLR]
Constitution: Balanced [HP: 16]


Name: Tigoshi Hosun
Race: Cyber-enhanced Leonia
Bio: Rebel ninja of the Orion League
Stats: ATK: 5 DEF: 7 SPD: 9
Equip: Quantum Shuriken [MI]
Constitution: Agile [HP: 14]


Name: Titanium Alpha-12
Race: Android
Bio: Heavy Infantry Automaton of The Steel Imperium
Stats: ATK: 13 DEF: 7 SPD: 1
Equip: Heavy Fist Bash [DH]
Constitution: Tough [HP: 18]


Name: Tom Bombem
Race: Human
Bio: Muscle-bound, wisecracking ex-marine
Stats: ATK: 10 DEF: 6 SPD: 1
Equip: Rocket launcher [HLR]
Constitution: Tough [HP: 18]


Name: Trudee Baide
Race: Gnome
Bio: Dagger-wielding sneak, uses illusions to confuse foe
Stats: ATK: 3 DEF: 4 SPD: 14
Equip: Ring Of Illusions [MI]
Constitution: Agile [HP: 14]



Name: Aenna
Race: Buraq
Bio: Refuses to fight or attack those of Islamic faith, can fly, uses lightning swords
Stats: ATK: 10 DEF: 5 SPD: 10
Equip: [DH]
Constitution: Agile [HP: 14]


Name: Airlocke
Race: Human
Bio: Air/wind control, specialized warlock, uses dagger implement
Stats: ATK: 10 DEF: 5 SPD: 10
Equip: Wind Shield Spell
Constitution: Agile [HP: 14]


Name: 'Al' Allen Gardner
Race: Quickling
Bio: Intelligent, adaptive, shy, inquisitive, easily distractet
Stats: ATK: 3 DEF: 2 SPD: 17
Equip: [LLR]
Constitution: Agile [HP: 14]


Name: Ben DeRoy
Race: Imp
Bio: Deal-maker, cigar-smoker, magic-user, prankster, crazy
Stats: ATK: 6 DEF: 8 SPD: 7
Equip: Treasure Chest [MI]
Constitution: Agile [HP: 14]


Name: Buck
Race: Human
Bio: Kidnapped from Old West town, he is now a sharp-shooter using laser pistols
Stats: ATK: 10 DEF: 6 SPD: 9
Equip: [DH]
Constitution: Agile [HP: 14]


Name: Buttercup
Race: Pixie
Bio: Can fly, intent on proving she's dangerous, uses 'death by a 1000 cuts'
Stats: ATK: 1 DEF: 4 SPD: 20
Equip: Shield
Constitution: Agile [HP: 14]


Name: Colmain
Race: Troll
Bio: Regenerates, weakness – fire (heat) and acid, a brute, tosses opponents, weapon - two-hand axe Stats: ATK: 7 DEF: 11 SPD: 1
Equip: No secondary
Constitution: Tough [HP: 18]


Name: Daniel
Race: Gargoyle
Bio: Broods, vicious, very perceptive, doesn't quit, fearless, flies, uses claws
Stats: ATK: 7 DEF: 11 SPD: 3
Equip: No secondary
Constitution: Balanced [HP:16]


Name: Deborah
Race: Drow
Bio: Poison specialist, resistant to poison by exposure, weapon - blow gun
Stats: ATK: 6 DEF: 6 SPD: 11
Equip: Shield
Constitution: Balanced [HP: 16]


Name: Errad
Race: Minotaur
Bio: Biggest minotaur ever, huge racial pride, uses gore and stomp attack
Stats: ATK: 9 DEF: 7 SPD: 7
Equip: Imposing Presence (Shield)
Constitution: Balanced [HP: 16]


Name: Felicia
Race: Siren
Bio: Aggressive, enchanting, fairy minions, suggestion spell, vocal attacks
Stats: ATK: 9 DEF: 4 SPD: 8
Equip: Bullroarer [MI]
Constitution: Agile [HP: 14]


Name: Grind
Race: Bugbear
Bio: Large and in charge, thoughtful planner, indecisive, uses a great club (easy to replace)
Stats: ATK: 10 DEF: 8 SPD: 1
Equip: No secondary
Constitution: Tough [HP: 18]


Name: Jamie
Race: Human
Bio: False Identities, forgeries, bluff wells, hides from arranged marriage, uses rapier
Stats: ATK: 10 DEF: 6 SPD: 9
Equip: [DH]
Constitution: Agile [HP: 14]


Name: Kali
Race: Timelord
Bio: Hi-intellect, six arms, reincarnates instantly, cross dimensions at will
Stats: ATK: 4 DEF: 7 SPD: 12
Equip: Energy Shield
Constitution: Balanced [HP: 16]


Name: Mortar
Race: Android
Bio: Primarily sits still and blasts enemy from a distance or smashes up close
Stats: ATK: 14 DEF: 5 SPD: 2
Equip: No secondary
Constitution: Balanced [HP: 16]


Name: Mycha
Race: Gorgon
Bio: Medusa's daughter, paralysis gaze, snake hair with poisonous bite, a grappler
Stats: ATK: 9 DEF: 4 SPD: 7
Equip: Longbow [LLR]
Constitution: Balanced [HP: 16]


Name: Nina the Enchantress
Race: Human
Bio: Make-up, sleight of hand, voice duplication, magic-user
Stats: ATK: 10 DEF: 3 SPD: 8
Equip: Staff [MI]
Constitution: Agile [HP: 14]


Name: Ora
Race: Gnome
Bio: An escape artist who uses alchemy, improvised weapons, and a chariot
Stats: ATK: 7 DEF: 6 SPD: 7
Equip: [LLR]
Constitution: Balanced [HP: 16]


Name: Qudine
Race: Water Elemental
Bio: Substance is liquid, heals by absorbing liquids
Stats: ATK: 3 DEF: 11 SPD: 6
Equip: Water Projectiles [LLR]
Constitution: Balanced [HP: 16]


Name: Reubai
Race: human
Bio: Sneaky, teleporter, bald head except braided ponytail, weapon – pata
Stats: ATK: 9 DEF: 7 SPD: 7
Equip: [DH]
Constitution: Balanced [HP: 16]


Name: Richard
Race: Human
Bio: Sworn to protect the White Queen, he followed her in her search for adventure
Stats: ATK: 7 DEF: 9 SPD: 7
Equip: Shield
Constitution: Balanced [HP: 16]


Name: Sarg Bloodbeard
Race: Dwarf
Bio: Headstrong, impulsive, looks for the one who killed his clan, uses a battleaxe
Stats: ATK: 6 DEF: 10 SPD: 5
Equip: Shield
Constitution: Tough [HP: 18]


Name: Tweet
Race: Kenku
Bio: Flyby attack, picks up and drops enemies, weapon - multiple dagger throw
Stats: ATK: 5 DEF: 5 SPD: 9
Equip: Blasting Horn [MI]
Constitution: Balanced [HP: 16]


Name: Tyrant
Race: Red Dragon
Bio: Uses fear attack and fire breath, cheats when possible, can fly
Stats: ATK: 5 DEF: 7 SPD: 7
Equip: Staff [MI]
Constitution: Tough [HP: 18]


Name: Varsha Silvers
Race: Elf
Bio: Reclusive, observant, wields a dagger, hunts for stolen family magicbow
Stats: ATK: 6 DEF: 6 SPD: 10
Equip: Self-crafted longbow [LLR]
Constitution: Agile [HP: 14]


Name: White Queen
Race: Human
Bio: Bored with ruling she struck out to find a challenge, weapon - war axe
Stats: ATK: 9 DEF: 7 SPD: 7
Equip: [DH]
Constitution: Balanced [HP: 16]



Name: Psicon
Race: Green Alien
Bio: Interstellar policeman for hire
Stats: ATK: 3 DEF: 6 SPD: 12
Equip: Telekinetic Burst [MI]
Constitution: Agile [HP: 14]



Name: Sir Tynian
Race: Human
Bio: A knight with plate armour & a warhammer
Stats: ATK: 10 DEF: 6 SPD: 7
Equip: [DH]
Constituion: Balanced [HP: 16]



Name: Kael'Uru
Race: Dwarf
Bio: A Dwarven brick able to take any hit
Stats: ATK: 6 DEF: 13 SPD: 2
Equip: Adamantine Shield
Constitution: Tough [HP: 18]



Name: Rosie McCann
Race: Half-elf
Bio: Charming ex-thief turned protector of the weak
Stats: ATK: 10 DEF: 5 SPD: 10
Equip: Steel Daggers [DH]
Constitution: Agile [HP: 14]



Name: Dalek Thay
Race: Dalek
Bio: The Ultimate race with a death ray
Stats: ATK 11 / DEF 10 / SPD -4
Constitution: Tough [HP: 18]


Name: Narshal
Race: Halfling
Bio: Barbarian from Bramblewood wielding a heavy pic
Stats: ATK 8 / DEF 8 / SPD 9
Equip: [DH]
Constitution: Agile [HP: 14]


Name: Norman Lamron
Race: Human
Bio: Just a normal guy, uses whatever is available
Stats: ATK: 7 DEF: 7 SPD: 7
Equip: No secondary
Constitution: Balanced [HP: 16]



Name: John Walter
Race: Human
Bio: 19th century United States soldier assigned to a special team that investigates paranormal phenomenon in the unexplored West.
Stats: ATK: 6 DEF: 8 SPD: 4
Equip: Standard issue Springfield rifle [LLR]
Constitution: Tough [HP: 18]



Name: Loupy
Race: Werewolf
Bio: Confused but kind shapeshifter
Stats: ATK: 11 DEF: 7 SPD: 7
Equip: Sharp twin claws [DH]
Constitution: Agile [HP: 14]



Name: Inox
Race: Doppleganger
Bio: Jaded spy seeking new purpose, charms his way out of fights
Stats: ATK: 8 DEF: 5 SPD: 8
Equip: Shape-shifting [MI]
Constitution: Agile [HP: 14]



Name: Discobilly
Race: Johnsonian
Bio: A beardman from the island of rakin
Stats: ATK: 13 DEF: 1 SPD: 11
Constituion: Dual-handed agabussi [DH]
Constitution: Agile - too agile [HP: 14]


Name: Krygol
Race: Visgarthian
Bio: A defector from the Visgarthian ranks, slimy, not to be trusted
Stats: ATK:3 DEF:2 SPD:16
Equip: Magical invisibility cloak [MI]
Constituion: Agile [HP: 14]



Name: Bones
Race: Dwarf
Bio: Stereotypical dwarven thief
Stats: ATK: 8 DEF: 6 SPD: 7
Equip: [HLR]
Constitution: Agile [HP: 14]


Name: Chamuel Xavier
Race: Planetouched
Bio: Last Son of Hyperion
Stats: ATK: 8 DEF: 6 SPD:7
Equip: [DH]
Constitution: Tough [HP: 18]



Name: Elona
Race: Solar Elf
Bio: Thoughtful high born warrior wielding a runic blood-forged great sword
Stats: ATK:9 DEF:7 SPD:7
Equip: [DH]
Constitution: Balanced [HP: 16]



Name: Tharn
Race: Dwarf
Bio: Unyielding, hammer-wielding dwarf mercenary who loves a challenge
Stats: ATK: 6 DEF: 9 SPD: 6
Equip: Shield
Constitution: Tough [HP: 18]


Name: Tarian Bodry
Race: Elf
Bio: Uses a soundblade
Stats: ATK: 6 DEF: 10 SPD: 7
Equip: Shield (soundwall)
Constitution: Balanced [HP: 16]



Name: Roary
Race: Ninja Bear
Bio: Never gives up, loves honey
Race: ATK: 7 DEF: 7 SPD: 9
Equip: No secondary
Constitution: Agile [HP: 14]



Name: Mookus Maximus
Race: Genetically Modified Cybernetic Potato
Bio: Selected for the 'reject' pile by a japanese robot on the sorting line of a factory bagging genetically modified potatoes, Mookus spontaneously developed self-awareness. A genius with an astronomical IQ, he lurked in the factory for days, studying the machinery and becoming an expert in robotics. Salvaging machine parts, he fashioned himself mechanical limbs, and fitted sensors that gave him the ability to hear and enhanced the vision in his potato eyes. Ironically, the potato eyes that had caused his rejection.
Mookus has since adventured near and far, driven by his one aim: obtain the money necessary to develop the technology to transfer his potato consciousness to a human body.
Mookus Maximus wears a red cape and a gold helmet. He's flamboyant.
That's just how he rolls.
Stats: ATK: 7 DEF: 6 SPD: 9
Equip: Grapple Gun [LLR]
Constitution: Agile - chip off the old block [HP: 14]



Name: Aldan Vane
Race: Eladrin
Bio: Noble Defender of The Kingdom
Stats: ATK: 11 DEF: 5 SPD: 9
Equip: Dual-handed Short/Longsword [DH]
Constitution: Agile [HP: 14]



Name: Locke Lightbringer
Race: Aasimar
Bio: Space Demon Hunter since 3587 A.D
Stats: ATK: 11 DEF: 3 SPD: 11
Equip: Beam Edge [DH]
Constitution: Agile [HP: 14]



Name: Tunis
Race: Human
Bio: Sea salted pirate captain returned to land for good
Stats: ATK:11 DEF: 6 SPD: 4
Equip: cutlass [DH]
Constitution: Tough [HP: 18]



Name: Mitch Magnet
Race: Human
Bio: Awful P.I. stuck in noir idioms, with terrible judgement and a dumb name
Stats: ATK:5 DEF: 12 SPD: 4
Equip: Magnum [LLR]
Constitution: Tough [HP: 18]
Conpulsion Bonus: +1 all stats



Name: Olaf Truefaith
Race: Human
Bio: Paladin of Tyr, hailing from Cormyr
Stats: ATK: 10 DEF: 10 SPD: 3
Equip: Shield
Constitution: Balanced [HP: 16]


Name: Travock
Race: Vulcan
Bio: Member of the Vulcan High Command
Stats: ATK: 6 DEF: 8 SPD: 9
Equip: no secondary
Constitution: Agile [HP: 14]



Name: C. L. Manick
Race: Human (but partially steam-powered cyborg)
Bio: Found himself teleported across space and time to Visgarthia. Limbs on one side of his body replaced by steam-powered mechanical limbs, which has improved strength considerably; all fed from a back-mounted boiler. Wields a 250Kg red-hot steam hammer to crush opponents.
Stats: ATK: 8 DEF: 8 SPD: 1
Equip: Tesla Staff powered by lemon cells [HLR]
Constitution: Tough [HP: 18]



Name: River Sorenson
Race: Halfling
Bio: Were-creature slayer and thief
Stats: ATK: 11 DEF: 6 SPD: 8
Equip: Twin silver long daggers [DH]
Constitution: Agile [HP: 14]



Name: Dr. Kay
Race: Human
Bio: Quantum warrior, may teleport his weapon of choice at will
Stats: ATK: 7 DEF: 7 SPD: 7
Equip: No secondary
Constitution: Balanced [HP: 16]


Name: Ironfist
Race: Steamman
Bio: Mobile, sentient, coal-powered, 3 armed tank
Stats: ATK: 10 DEF: 7 SPD: 6
Equip: Sword, spear, axe [DH]
Constitution: Balanced [HP: 16]


Name: Tchropal
Race: Centaur
Bio: Cunning, swift, centaur scout
Stats: ATK: 7 DEF: 6 SPD: 9
Stats: Short bow [LLR]
Constitution: Agile [HP: 14]


Name: Wrothgar
Race: Viking
Bio: Thick, large, fierce warrior
Stats: ATK: 12 DEF: 7 SPD: 2
Equip: Sword and Axe [DH]
Constitution: Tough [HP: 18]



Name: Theros
Race: Half elf
Bio: Thieves' Guild member until explosive botched burglary
Stats: ATK: 11 DEF: 6 SPD: 8
Equip: [DH]
Constitution: Agile [HP: 14]



Name: Opman
Race: Overweight blue Oni
Bio: A blue Oni by race but a failed student of magic. Even though it's an inbreed ability, it's never worked right for him. So he sought solace in food. He is now so overweight that he is damn near unmovable unless he wants to move. His skin is like armour and his fist like steel.
He isn't the adventurous type but when the table of food was uncovered he couldn't stop himself. He dropped out of the crowd where before he was a spectator, moved straight toward the food and so inadvertently became one of the chosen few. His story now begins. Uses his massively resistant body as a weapon and defence.
Stats: ATK: 7. DEF: 11 SPD: 1
Equip: No secondary
Constitution: Tough [HP: 18]


Name: Tahmida
Race: Half elf
Bio: Exotic dancer. Never has she been taken seriously. Tits and ass is all people see. Well, there is way more to this girl. You better not get in her way or you will know, and don't even think of holding that door open for her. She would most likely kick your teeth in first. Beware; this bitch is in town.
Stats: ATK: 6 DEF: 4 SPD: 11
Equip: Magic Scarf [MI]
Constitution: Agile [HP: 14]



Name: Serint
Race: Cyberneticly enhanced knight
Bio: Living longsword provides him with advice (seldom good)
Stats: ATK: 8. DEF: 12. SPD: 1
Equip: Sword generates protective shield when master is in danger
Constitution: Tough [HP: 18]



Name: Raja 3333
Race: Darnasians - Light purple skinned, bipedal humanoid - 7’, 160 lbs. (very skinny) with long white hair that looks like a mane, with long rabbit-like ears on the top of their head. They also have three long fingers on each hand and three long toes on each foot. Their garments are usually white or very light yellow and very free and flowing - it is made of spider silk.
Bio: A fighter-priest alien race from a different universe - the 3,333 is more of a "Title" rather than a last name.
Stats: ATK: 8 DEF: 5 SPD: 10
Equip: No secondary
Constitution: Agile [HP: 14]



Name: Captain Brunel
Race: Human
Bio: Dashing Victorian Ethernaut killing monsters for the Empire
Stats: ATK:10 DEF:6 SPD:7
Equip: Faraday Blades [DH]
Constitution: Balanced [HP: 16]



Name: Ser Branston
Race: Human
Bio: A knight transported to the time of this tale; chivalrous but always drunk
Stats: ATK: 5 DEF: 13 SPD: 3
Equip: Steel Shield
Constitution: Tough [HP: 18]



Name: Chen
Race: Human
Bio: Shipless Sky-Pirate with gauss flintlock and a little fae magic
Stats: ATK: 8 DEF: 6 SPD: 8
Equip: Hawkhead Grapple [LLR]
Constitution: Agile [HP: 14]



Name: Amaterasu
Race: Esper
Bio: Saintly Magic-user with the holy fire on her side
Stats: ATK: 6 DEF: 6 SPD: 7
Equip: Sacred Fire [MI]
Constitution: Balanced [HP: 16]


Name: Susano-o
Race: Human
Bio: Wild Drunken Samurai with a worn-out blade
Stats: ATK: 14 DEF: 5 SPD: 2
Equip: DH
Constitution: Tough [HP: 18]


Name: Tsukoyomi
Race: Rabbitfolk
Bio: Wandering warrior wielding a long bow and tao magic.
Stats: ATK: 4 DEF: 4 SPD: 13
Equip: Prayer beads [MI]
Constitution: Agile [HP: 14]



Name: Sorcha
Race: Fire nymph
Bio: Banned from underworld after falling for a human
Stats: ATK: 11 DEF: 5 SPD: 8
Equip: Fire bolt [HLR]
Constitution: Agile [HP: 14]
Conpulsion Bonus: +1 all stats

If there are issues with your character(s), feel free to let me know. Happy adventuring!

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