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These are my favourite people on Twitter! Why? Because they've all helped Tweet RPG in one way or another, through retweets, linking to this site, posting articles and interviews, etc, etc! If you'd like to set up some mutual support between yourself and Tweet RPG, send me a tweet or email me at: tweetrpg + @ + gmail + dot + com (just trying to confound the spambots!)

RPG Bloggers/Podcasts

DnD Dad – opinions from a tabletop RPG fan and father @DnDDadDan
The Chaotic GM – great articles and resources from a chaotic master @ChaoticGM
Dice Monkey – a GM with lots of experience and insights to share @markmeredith
Game Knight Reviews – roleplaying reviews, news, and resources @gameknightrvws
Gaming Tonic – articles, news, and reviews on RPG gaming @GamingTonic
Nearly Enough Dice – an awesome podcast for gamers and geeks @NED_Podcast
The RPG Blog Alliance – RSS feeds for excellent RPG blogs @RPGBlogAlliance
The RPG Guy – RPG resources, articles, and online adventures @therealrpgguy
Lloyd of Gamebooks – the premier gamebook blog online @slloyd14

Gaming (video/tabletop)

Age Past - a new tabletop RPG system with super precise character creation @Age_Past
Ben Murch – co-founder of Rodeo Games, creators of iOS series 'Hunters' @RodeoBenjamin
Blackbyrne Publishing – independent publisher of DnD/Pathfinder adventures @BlkbyrnePublish
Challenger RPG - a free, player-driven RPG system with fast and furious combat @DavidBobDostale
Christian Munnerlyn – Editor and digital artist for Empty Apartment blog @TyrannikosCH
Epicwargaming – print and play tabletop wargaming @DaveTheWargamer
G*M*S Magazine - tabletop and board game news, reviews, interviews and more @gmsmagazine
Lo-Ping – videogame and tech blog @GamingAndPandas
Tin Man Games - creators of gamebook adventures on iOS and Android @TinManGames


Michael R. Hicks – scifi author of the best-selling 'In Her Name' series @KreelanWarrior
The Neverending Story Project – collaborative online short story telling @story_project


Andrew Joyce – freelance illustrator who creates awesome logos for Tweet RPG! @doodlesandstuff
Symatt – RPG fan and fantasy artist @symatt


Gametrender - news on phone apps and games for Android and iOS @Gametrender
Geek Native - books, games, movies, music - everything geeky! @GeekNative
Joe Kawano – tech blogger and social networking fanatic - @joekawano
Philip Harris – journalist for the Scottish Times and Conpulsion co-ordinator @PhilipGHarris
Mook – geek, gamer, writer of code (built me a cool battle generator!) @m0ok

Want to become a 'Friend of Tweet RPG'? Send me a tweet or email me at: tweetrpg + @ + gmail + dot + com

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