Monday, 30 May 2011

Who are you: character creation voting!

As a trial run to test the Tweet RPG voting system, there will be a 'character creation' voting session on Wednesday the 1st of June!

This is how things will work: at roughly 8.00 am GMT, Tweet RPG will post a tweet with three options relating to what type of character you want to be. The choices are:

  • Fast and vicious - high ATK and SPD, low DEF and HP
  • Resilient and sturdy - high DEF and HP, low ATK and SPD
  • Balanced - even stats
A hashtag will be linked with each choice, e.g. '#trpga'. Reply to @tw33t_rpg, including the hashtag for your choice. After roughly twelve hours, at around 8.00 pm, the voting session will be closed. The votes will be counted and the winning choice announced.

A second voting session will begin immediately after the first one, which will determine which 'character perk' you would like to have. The perks are:
  • Sharpshooter - two extra arrows, a successful shot = instant kill, an unsuccessful shot = HP reduced to half
  • Healer - two extra provisions, provisions always fully restore HP, 1 point added to total HP whenever provisions are used
  • Happy-go-lucky - whenever your SPD or DEF are tested during the story, 2 points will be added to your base stats
So to recap, the first 'character creation' vote will take place between 8.00 am and 8.00 pm on June the 1st, the second vote will start just after 8.00 pm, and will finish at around 8.00 am on June the 2nd. The adventure begins in earnest on Friday!

Advanced gameplay

  • Inventory - the inventory for the current adventure can be found at the top-right of the blog. It contains all the character information relating to your quest, such as your character stats and current weapons and other equipment.
  • Respawns - if you are unfortunate enough to be killed or fail your mission, you will be given two opportunities to restart the story and have another attempt. If you fail after using both of your respawns, a new story will begin. If you progress far enough into the story, you may encounter a 'shrine'. These act as story checkpoints - you will return to this point instead of the beginning if you die or fail.
  • Provisions - to restore your hit points, provisions are used. If you lose all your hit points during a battle and have provisions in your inventory, they will be automatically used, restoring half of your total hit points. If you have provisions after a battle, you will be given the opportunity to use them, restoring your hit points to their full amount.
  • Resting - you may be offered the choice to rest during your adventure. If you choose to do so, your hit points will be fully restored. Beware however, you will probably encounter different story options if you choose to rest.
  • Testing stats - during the story you will encounter situations where your stats will be tested to determine your progress. For example, if you chose to sneak past a guard, your SPD stat would be tested. Two dice are rolled - if your SPD stat is higher than or equal to the number rolled, you have been successful. Be aware of your stats and choose options that work with your strengths.
  • Using the bow - you start your adventure with a Hunter's bow, a long-range weapon. If you still have this weapon when you enter combat, you will be offered the choice to use one arrow per enemy. So, if you face two enemies, you will have the choice to use one, two or no arrows. If you choose to fire an arrow, your SPD stat will be tested. Two dice are rolled - if your SPD is higher than or equal to the number rolled, you have scored a hit, and your enemy loses half their hit points. If you are unsuccessful, the arrow misses. There may be some situations where you cannot use your bow during battle, due to environment factors or due to the weapon's inability to damage your opponent. In this circumstance, you will see '[bow unusable]' displayed.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

The adventure begins soon!

'King Slayer', the first Tweet RPG adventure now has an official start date! The quest will begin on Friday the 3rd of June, at approximately 8.00 am GMT!

Just to clarify, all you need to do to get involved is sign up to Twitter and follow @tw33t_rpg. When a 'story decision' tweet is posted, reply to @tw33t_rpg using the hashtag for your story choice - i.e. '#trpg1a' for option 'a', etc. For a more thorough explanation, visit the the 'How to Play' page.

You can join in whenever you want, don't worry if you've missed the start - you can read the prologue here and catch up with the story by reading the previous tweets. Each vote will close roughly twelve hours after it has opened, so everyone should have a fair chance to make their choice.

So, to recap, 'King Slayer' begins on Friday the 3rd of June at 8.00 am GMT! Follow on Twitter and be the hero!

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

King Slayer: Prologue

Standing on the battlements of Crownsledge, you survey the Long Plain, the emerald kras-grass swaying gently, brushed by the wind, the wide road cutting a path from the horizon to the city gates. You watch fondly as your son runs up and down the stone parapet, engrossed in a game with his friends. Although the sun shines brightly down from above, the air has a chill edge - autumn clearly on its way.

“Sir - someone approaches,” the nearest sentry calls across to you, pointing his spear out over the plain, indicating a speck on the horizon.
You jump up onto the watch-perch, peering out at the figure in the distance.
“They're on horseback,” you observe, seeing the plume of dust thrown up by the animal's hooves. The children stop their game, sensing something important is afoot. On tiptoes, they peek over the battlements.
“A messenger?” the sentry queries.
You watch silently, a cold dread stirring within.
As the rider nears the city, you see he is swaying in the saddle, sagging drunkenly to the side. He wears the emblem of the Crown on his leather armour, a dark scarlet stain on his chest glistening in the sun. Workers in the fields look up from their tasks to watch the strange and unnerving sight.
“Open the gates,” you shout down to the sentries posted below.
“Who is it?” asks your boy excitedly as you leap down from the perch, heading to the stairway.
“I don't know, son. Go home and wait with Sister Terray.”
“But - “ he begins.
“Now, son,” you order firmly.
The boy grumbles something under his breath, but follows as you rush down the steps, scuffing his feet behind you.

- x -

As you enter the Northgate courtyard, the rider thunders in under the archway, his horse flecked with sweat, wildness in its eyes. The stable attendents finally manage to calm the beast, grasping the reins and harness, the unconscious and bloodied rider thrown about as the horse rears and kicks.
You help the healers remove the man from his steed, easing him down onto the stretcher. You see the shafts of three arrows protruding from the man's back and shoulder, dried blood mixing with fresh. The healers rush the man off into the city, leaving you standing with the panting creature.

- x -

The King's face is grave, his age ever so evident on his lined brow and in the grey flecks of his beard.
“The rider died in the night. His wounds were too harsh.”
You glance around at the other four Lords of the King, each listening intently, ghostly beams of early morning sunlight whispering in through the windows of the Inner Chamber.
“Before he passed, he managed to relay on his message,” continued the King. “We are under attack.”
“So the rumours of a Skav invasion were true,” said Merrach, his dark eyes burning.
“Sadly, yes,” replied the King. “Rockreach has been taken – an army of thousands moves in the Long Plain.”
“What of the treaty?” spat Dyne, raking his hand through his blonde hair furiously. “The Four Crowns will not stand for this.”
“The Seawagers are recovering from a tidal wave, King Lonne is facing an uprising, and the Kingdom of the Sand are at Offering in the Great Desert,” said the King, his voice weary. “We are alone.”
The room contemplates this in silence.
You clear your throat.
“What is your command?” you ask.
The King sighs, his eyes passing painfully over his five most loyal subjects. He reaches down and picks up a leather bundle lying beside the throne. 
You've seen it before and are prepared for the coming instruction.
Placing the bundle on his lap, the King unwraps it to reveal five daggers, golden hilts glistening, a blood-red ruby fixed at the end of each one.
“Men, I must ask you to take up 'The King's Dagger', one more time.”

- x - 

The main courtyard is a thrill of activity, soldiers rushing back and forth, craftsmen working on the defences, everyone and anyone preparing for the coming shadow of war.
You kneel down in front of your son, who stands tearfully beside you. Sister Terray holds a stern look upon her face, but you can see the grievance lying beneath.
“I don't want you to go,” pleads the boy, tears streaking down his cheeks.
You place your finger upon one of the drops, and bring the tear up to your lips, tasting its salty freshness.
“I have swallowed your sadness,” you say, quoting the Old Text. “When I return, I shall bring happiness.”
The boy flings his arms around your neck, squeezing as tightly as possible. You hold him gently in your arms.
“Come now, young sir,” Sister Terray says soothingly, firmly but compassionately prying your son away. “You father has a kingdom to protect.” The boy obeys, releasing his grip.
You smile at the older woman, who nods with respect but smiles back with friendship. You turn and mount your dappled grey horse, Windmane, feeling comfortable in the saddle. You coax the beast onwards, passing under the archway. As is the custom, no one but your closest watch you leave. Without turning back, you urge Windmane onwards, out onto the road.

- x -

As you travel out of Crownsledge, you leave your identity behind. Dressed in the clothes of a wandering ranger, a leather tunic across your chest, woodland brown cloak on your back and tough boots on your feet, you draw no unnecessary attention to yourself. Armed with a hunting bow and short sword, you are only a mild threat. 
You have taken up 'The King's Dagger', swearing a solemn oath to fulfil your mission, or die valiantly. Merrach and Bartho were tasked with preparing the King's army, an occupation well-suited to their skills. Prayro, Dyne and yourself were given secret orders – only you and the King know the details of your individual mission. The other two Lords left Crownsledge before you, as the King commanded, each heading out to complete their task alone.
You can make out the crossroads in the distance, the road forking off in three directions. The west road will lead you towards Lane's Forest, its towering oaks standing between you and the Dyre Marsh, a maze of boggy danger, impassible to only the hardiest adventurer. The east road leads to the coast, where the water or the dunes will lead you to the Narrow Pass, a dangerous and seldom-used mountain road – a route the Skavs may use to flank the King's forces. Ahead on the Long Plain in the north lies the advancing army – but maybe you could sneak through their midst undetected? Far in the distance, the fortress-town of Rockreach lies infested with tall, blond-haired, Skavakian troops, on a treacherous charge to overrun your homeland.
Spurring Windmane on, you fly along the dusty road, your quest fixed in the forefront of your mind. 

You are on a mission of death. 

You must kill the King of Skavak.

- x - 

To be continued – by you! Join in the adventure by following @tw33t_rpg on Twitter!


  • Once a story progression tweet has been posted, i.e. a tweet offering story decisions, followers have roughly 12 hours to post their choice. A warning will be posted to alert followers when the closing time is near. No votes will be counted after the moderator has posted the 'closing' tweet.
  • One vote per account. Multiple votes or simultaneous votes for multiple options will be void. However, users with multiple accounts may cast multiple votes if using a different account for each vote.
  • If after a voting session the vote is tied, will be used to determine the story decision.
  • With each story, the followers will have two retries should they perish before they reach the story's conclusion. If you are unsuccessful a third time, a new story will begin, with the opportunity to retry the failed story in the future.
  • The 'story events web' will be finalised before the story begins. Unless it is fundamentally necessary, it will not be changed or amended once the adventure is underway, but the moderators reserve the right to adjust the story as they seen fit.
  • Anyone deemed to be spoiling the Tweet RPG experience for other users (through abusive/offensive language etc.), or consistently aiming to exploit the project for their own gain, will be blocked and excluded from further Tweet RPG adventures.
  • Tweet RPG is currently in the prototype stage of development, and thus the moderators reserve the right to adjust any of the rules or processes, to ensure users are provided with the most effective and satisfactory experience possible.
  • Have fun and enjoy yourselves!

Monday, 16 May 2011


You will sometimes be offered the choice to fight during your adventure. The outcome of combat will be determined by yours and your opponent's stats.

There are four stats that come into play during a Tweet RPG battle. They are 'Attack' (ATK), 'Defence' (DEF), 'Speed' (SPD) and 'Hit Points' (HP). ATK determines whether or not a strike is successful, and how much damage is inflicted. DEF determines how much damage is taken from a successful attack. SPD determines who strikes first. HP determines how many hits you and your opponent can respectively take before being defeated.
  • For example, let's say you, the hero, have these stats – ATK: 10, DEF: 5, SPD: 6, HP: 25
  • You meet an opponent – a thief! His stats – ATK: 5, DEF: 4, SPD: 7, HP: 12
  • The thief would get to attack first, as his SPD stat is higher than yours. If your SPD is the same as your enemy, will used to determine who begins.
  • Two dice are rolled, using If the number is below or the same as the thief's ATK, he scores a hit. 
A '4' is rolled!
  • This means the thief has managed to damage you. To determine how much damage you take, one die is rolled.
A '2' is rolled!
  • This number is added to the Thief's ATK (2 + 5 = 7). Your DEF is then subtracted from this number (7 – 5 = 2). This number is then subtracted from your HP  (25 – 2 = 23). It is now your turn to attack.
  • The fight continues until either you or your opponent run out of HP – if you run out, you are dead and have failed!
  • Here is an example battle played out in full, using genuine dice throws.
Thief's attack (12/12) rolls 8 = miss

Your attack (25/25) rolls 4 = hit! (5 + 10 = 15) – 4 = 11

Thief loses 11 HP (1/12)

Thief's attack (1/12) rolls  9 = miss

Your attack (25/25) rolls 5 = hit! (5 + 10 = 15) – 4 = 11

Thief is dead (0/12)

You are victorious!

When you encounter an enemy, you will be given an assessment of the level of danger they represent. For example, you might see '[low threat]' after the enemy's name - this indicates the battle will be fairly easy. If you face multiple enemies, those with different stats will receive different threat warnings.

When fighting multiple assailants, each of your enemies will have a chance to attack you during a round of fighting. You will always target the lesser enemies first, before taking care of the more dangerous foes.

Saturday, 7 May 2011

How to play

  • Firstly, sign up to Twitter (if you haven't already) and follow @tw33trpg.
  • An extended prologue for each adventure will be posted on this blog – read this to get the full introduction to the story.
  • Read the first story tweet and post your hashtag vote. Here is an example story tweet:

You stand on the open plains, the road forking into three paths ahead of you. Will you go #trpg1a North, #trpg1b East or #trpg1c West?

  • To place you vote, tweet one of the above hashtags. For example:

@tw33trpg I say we go West #trpg1c

  • Each voting session will stay open for roughly 12 hours – a warning will be posted when the voting is coming to an end.
  • Once the voting is closed, the votes will be counted and the story will continue in accordance with the majority choice.
  • Wait for the next update and see where your choices lead!

Friday, 6 May 2011

Welcome to the Tweet RPG blog!

Tweet RPG is a free online role-playing experience, which utilises Twitter to provide users with an innovative new way of enjoying text-based adventures. The twist with Tweet RPG is that you aren't the only one making the decisions; everyone playing has a chance to shape the story. Tweet RPG followers can cast their votes as to how the current adventure should unfold, with the majority choice leading the way.

Fiction is the focus in Tweet RPG, tapping into a variety of genres. If you like fantasy, science fiction, horror, cyberpunk, etc., you'll definitely find something you like! The stories use the second-person perspective, placing 'you' right at the centre of the narrative. You'll be battling dragons, flying through hyperspace, infiltrating corporate skyscrapers and escaping from zombie hoards – but you'll have to trust your fellow players to make the right choices!

The central story arcs used to create the tales of Tweet RPG will be played out using Twitter, ensuring short, snappy and exciting progressions. This blog will provide users with additional information to flesh out the narratives further, such as a extended prologues and epilogues, and hints and tips on the next move.

Tweet RPG is still currently in the creative stage, with the first adventure on its way to being completed and ready to play. Keep checking this blog for updates, and make sure you are following @tw33t_rpg on Twitter!

Tweet RPG - join in with the adventure!