Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Time to Die: Achievements

“Let's get this show on the road.” - First person to vote in Time to Die.

“Haven't seen you around here before.” - First new Tweet RPG player to vote in Time to Die.

“In the beginning...” - Players who voted in the first voting session.
@scottmalt @joe_the_drummer @whale4499 @longwhan @Ghrinonon @wyrind @Bobzilla @paulonogueira @EricMPaq @get2joe @historc @the_blind_GM @HairyDM @greglmercer @lauren_brier @Hyfrydle32 @paddyrox

“Time to die.” - Players who voted in the final voting session.
@scottmalt @longwhan @paulonogueira @EricMPaq @Hairy DM @lauren_brier @PaulFrankHarris @LandrasGembar @J2112O @danjohnson6 @DaddyDM @therealrpgguy @Farchanter @ChaoticGM @mr_nnj @Sky_Seven77 @SwordandHammer @m0ok @GeoffLorenz

“What have I missed?” - Players who joined the game halfway through.
@designedbylisa @NED_Podcast @Wastex_Games @ChaoticGM @mr_nnj @ElricEdge @ongoingworlds @chatterboxx69 @Sky_Seven77 @Conpulsion @PhilipGHarris @TarynMcBride @KorvarTheFox @joejoemayer @ripcrd @SwordandHammer @JamesMEWilson @Cronvek @m0ok @pdunwin @richardstheone @GeoffLorenz

“Great minds think alike.” - Players who voted in a session where the decision was unanimous.
@joe_the_drummer @longwhan @Ghrinonon @EricMPaq @get2joe @the_blind_GM @HairyDM @lauren_brier @Hyfrydle32 @PaulFrankHarris @Valancy @EmmyOtter @AdamMNowak @LandrasGembar @NeoDodge @J2112O @danjohnson6 @therealrpgguy @herncastle @ZhuBajiee @designedbylisa @ChaoticGM @chatterboxx69

“Fine; we'll do it your way.” - Players who were the only one person to choose a particular choice.
@Ghrinonon @EricMPaq @PaulFrankHarris @Conpulsion @TarynMcBride @JamesMEWilson @GeoffLorenz

“I aim to please.” - Players who voted with the majority in at least a quarter of the Time to Die votes.
@longwhan @Ghrinonon @EricMPaq @HairyDM @lauren_bier @Hyfrydle32 @PaulFrankHarris @J2112O @DaddyDM

“Let's talk this over.” - Players who commented on at least a quarter of the Time to Die votes.
@Ghrinonon @EricMPaq @HairyDM @Hyfrydle32 @LandrasGembar @J2112O @DaddyDM

“I know what I'm doing.” - Players who took control of the story through a QUICK or OPEN vote.
@Ghrinonon @EricMPaq @Hairy DM @lauren_brier @PaulFrankHarris @Valancy @LandrasGembar @DaddyDM @ChaoticGM @chatterboxx69 @KorvarTheFox @SwordandHammer @richardstheone

“Must have dozed off there.” - Players who returned after missing five votes or more.
@scottmalt @joe_the_drummer @whale4499 @wyrind @paulonogueira @EricMPaq @get2joe @historc @the_blind_GM @HairyDM @greglmercer @Hyfrydle32 @Valancy @EmmyOtter @AdamMNowak @LandrasGembar @slloyd14 @paddyrox @NeoDodge @J2112O @_laurapatricia @danjohnson6 @DaddyDM @therealrpgguy @Farchanter @herncastle @ZhuBajiee @andrewauseon @NED_Podcast @ChaoticGM @mr_nnj @ElricEdge @Sky_Seven77 @PhilipGHarris @TarynMcBride @KorvarTheFox @ripcrd @SwordandHammer @GeoffLorenz @drp604 @realmsgamer @naomibump

“I'm in this for the long haul.” - Players who voted in more than half of the Time to Die votes.
@longwhan @Ghrinonon @EricMPaq @HairyDM @lauren_bier @PaulFrankHarris @DaddyDM

Thanks to everyone who joined in with Time to Die – look out for a new Tweet RPG adventure soon! Hopefully I haven't made any mistakes but let me know if your username is spelt incorrectly or if there are any other errors and I'll try to correct the problem.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Time to Die: Statistics

Combat Stats
  • Enemies defeated = 10
  • Damage inflicted = 66
  • Damage sustained = 46
  • Bullets fired = 4
  • Times 'AUTO-HEAL' used = 2

Story Stats
  • Stim vials used = 2
  • Aid kits used = 3
  • Morality choices = 10 (good = 4, evil = 6)
  • Avoided combat = 6 times
  • SPD tested = 14 times (success = 9, failure = 5)
  • DEF tested = 4 times (success = 3, failure = 1)
  • Locks picked = 3
  • Interactions = 15
  • Key items held = CygNet Visitor Pass, CygNet Building Map, Face-Jack, Air-car Key Fob, DNA Sleeve

Voting Stats
  • Total votes = 1152
  • Lowest number of votes per session = 4 (vote no. 46)
  • Highest number of votes per session = 20 (vote no. 111)
  • Average number of votes per session = 10.37
  • No. of unanimous voting sessions = 9
  • Open votes = 7
  • Quick votes = 13
Any other statistics you'd like to know? Comment below or send me a tweet!

Friday, 10 February 2012

Time to Die: Epilogue

She crouches delicately next to me, removing the deathly mask, her golden hair cascading over her shoulder. There's a confidence in her features that I must have missed before – either that or she was covering it very well. Taking up my gun, she tosses it across to the edge of the roof.

“I'm really sorry,” she says in a patronising manner. “I truly am.”

“You... you've had this planned the whole time?”

“Well, most of it,” she admits, removing her glove and stroking my sweat-soaked cheek with the back of her bandaged hand. “There were some alterations I had to make, what with you being so persistent, but that just made it all the more fun.”

“You did that to yourself?” I rasp, gesturing to her injury.

“It had to be real,” she says, determination hardening her features. “Otherwise you wouldn't have trusted me.”

“You stole the device – the time-machine?” I ask, my chest heaving painfully.

“I wouldn't say 'stole',” she chuckles. “The doctor stumbled upon the discovery – he didn't have the capability to make use of it. I merely 'took command' of the project and made some useful modifications.” She shows you her other hand, revealing a small piece of tech strapped to her wrist. “No need for all that bulky targeting equipment when you've got this.”

“How – ” I begin, but the woman cuts me off, placing a finger lightly on my lips.

“No more questions – you don't have the strength. Just relax. It'll all be over soon.”

She stands, walking away towards the door. Even now, on the verge of death, I can't help but watch the way those hips gyrate as she walks. I bet she used them to full effect on the doctor. She opens the door, turning to face me.

“I couldn't have done it without you,” she purrs, revelling in the mockery. “Thanks for the helping hand.”

A helping hand...

Which item in Weldon Locke's inventory will enable him to stop the blonde assistant?

Want to see what would have happened if Weldon failed? Check out the alternative ending to Time to Die!

Time to Die: The Final Vote

Weldon Locke lies on the rooftop, Doctor Obadiah's knife driven into his chest, Weldon's finger prints on the handle (see the prologue). There is a way that he could stop the killer – but it will mean his death. If he fails, he will live to fight another day. Which will you choose?

This is the final vote of Time to Die – you are outside of the story, in complete control of the protagonist's fate. Do you want him to live, or is it right for him to die? It's your decision. To clarify:
  • Send “#trpg111a” if you want Weldon to succeed, but die.
  • Send “#trpg111b” if you want Weldon to fail his quest, but survive.

There's also one last puzzle for you to solve: one item in Weldon's inventory can be used to stop the killer – which item do you think it is? Send your answer to me in a DM (let me know if I'm not following you and I will so you can send the message) and if you get it right there'll be an extra achievement waiting for you! Today's vote closes at 10pm GMT - I'm adding a few extra hours onto the voting session so that as many people as possible can join in.

Time to Die: Story Summaries - Votes 102-111

  • You approach the security bot, confident that you can confuse it with conflicting commands. Appealing to its military sub-programmes, you manage to subvert the robot's orders and send it away. You pick the lock and make your way inside the lab.
  • Moving up the stairs, you overhear an angry phone conservation between the doc and an unknown person – it appears Obadiah is leaving town. You try to sneak up on him, but fail. The doc pulls a gun on you.
  • You accuse the doctor of framing you and using his device for murder. He denies it all, claiming his device doesn't even work as far as he knows, and that it really has been stolen. Becoming more agitated, the doc fires his gun...
  • The bullet disappears before it strikes, reappearing and flying in the opposite direction, killing Obadiah. You see a figure clinging to the wall outside the window – must be the killer. You dive out of the window, chasing the dark figure onto the street.
  • As you chase the suspect, the laboratory explodes in an inferno of flame – the doc must have had a self-destruct mechanism set up. The figure scrambles up the side of a building, aided by a black climber suit – you follow up the fire escape.
  • Reaching the rooftop, you watch as the suspect leaps off into the air, gliding down to the ground below and entering a building across the street. You take a death-defying slide down a nearby cable and continue the chase.
  • You have the dark figure cornered, but suddenly something slams into your chest. You tumble to the floor, Obadiah's dagger protruding from your chest. The tables have been turned – it seems you were the quarry all along. Will you succeed or fail? Will you live or die? The Tweet Players will decide.

Friday, 3 February 2012

Time to Die: Story Summaries - Votes 92-101

  • You remain staunch in the face of the thug's threats. The leader moves forwards to strike you, but stops short – he topples to the floor, a golden pen jammed in his skull. Either the doc was aiming for you and missed, or he's taking out everyone who might know of the device, keeping you alive to take the fall...
  • The goons are too stupid to work out what's up. One of them goes to the rooftop to look for a supposed sniper, the other stays to guard you. Using your communication skills, you persuade the man to free you – once untied, you grab your gun.
  • You restrain the foolish goon and gag his mouth. Leaving the room, you find yourself in a part-constructed office building. You decide to head up to the roof and deal with the remaining CygNet heavy.
  • On the roof, you find the thug aiming an assault rifle down into the street, searching fruitlessly for a sniper. Sneaking across the rooftop, you catch the man unawares. Disarming and pinning him against the edge of the roof, you decide enough is enough – this guy needs to meet his end. With a powerful shove, you send him plummeting down.
  • Leaving the building, you see that the goons didn't take you far – the laboratory is at the end of the road. You opt for some caution and skirt around on a side street. An elderly lady asks you for help – her cat 'Chubby' is in trouble – but you refuse, stating you don't have any time to spare.
  • Turning the corner and heading towards the lab, you see a military grade security bot hovering in front of the doorway. You decide against attacking it head on – maybe you could trick your way past it?

Voting Update: It's Friday!

Hello Tweet RPG fans! Hope you've had a good week but also that you're looking forward to a weekend break. Can't believe we've reached 100 votes in Time to Die! That's pretty crazy. Not sure all the adventures will be this long - think it's quite hard to keep up with that much detail. We're reaching the end now - will Weldon solve the mystery? That's up to you!

Right, down to business. I changed the voting a couple of weeks back to stop Saturday voting sessions, which I think has been a positive decision - there were often less votes on Saturday and I always had something on that clashed with Tweet RPG. I'm going to tweak the voting again - from now on, all Friday votes will end at 6pm GMT, not the usual 8pm. The reason being, I always seem to be doing something on a Friday evening, meaning that I have to adjust the end of the vote. It made sense to make this a permanent feature, rather than keep switching back and forth. Hope this doesn't cause any issues - let me know if you have any suggestions for how Tweet RPG can be improved.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Mr Tweet RPG gets another grilling!

Just a quick note to welcome the newest member of the 'Friends of Tweet RPG', Mark Meredith, AKA 'Dice Monkey'! Mark has posted an interview with yours truly on his blog - head over there to see what insightful answers I provided!

If you want to be promoted by Tweet RPG, through links on this site and mentions/retweets on Twitter, get in contact and we'll discuss how we can support each other. Whether you're a blogger, artist, author or games developer, you'll love being a 'Friend of Tweet RPG'!

Tweet RPG - join in with the adventure!