King Slayer: The story so far

You pull on the reins, slowing Windmane to a canter. In the west, the forest. In the east, the coast. In the north, the army. Which way?

King Slayer vote no.1: will you go west #trpg1a east #trpg1b or north #trpg1c ? Cast your vote now!

King Slayer Vote no.1 is now closed! The winning choice was 'West' #trpg1a - we're heading into the forest! 2nd vote on its way shortly!

- x -

Spurring your steed onwards, you depart into the west. You travel throughout the day, reaching the edge of Lane's forest at dusk falls.

King Slayer Vote no.2: will you continue into the forest = #trpg2a or set up camp and rest for the night = #trpg2b ? Place your vote now!

King Slayer Vote no.2 is now closed! We have a tied vote, so has been called in to decide - the winner is 'rest' #trpg2b !

- x -

You find a suitable spot to camp on the shore of a nearby lake. An undisturbed night of sleep leaves you refreshed and ready to continue.

Mounting your steed, you ride onwards, along the edge of the forest. You see a village in the distance, farmers tending the crops.

King Slayer Vote no.3: will you avoid the village and head into the forest = #trpg3a or ride into the village = #trpg3b ? Make your choice!

King Slayer Vote no.3 is now closed. It's quite unequivocal - we're going into the village! #trpg3b

- x -

As you near the fields, the farm workers drop their tools & scurry away in the village, hiding in the houses. You continue warily.

A man approaches you as you dismount at the village edge. A big tree of a fellow with a shaggy beard, he carries a vicious-looking poleaxe.

"State your purpose," he barks. "I'm travelling north," you reply. "I'm tasked with hunting a rare beast." The man stares silently.

He lowers his axe. "You seem truthful. Outlaws struck our village last night, taking a boy, but I can't leave to hunt them. Can you help?"

King Slayer Vote no.4: will you help the villagers = #trpg4a or continue your journey = #trpg4b ? It's your decision.

King Slayer Vote no.4 is now closed: the winning choice was 'help the villagers' #trpg4a !

- x -

Gordos, the village guardian, shows you where the outlaws ran back into the forest. You leave Windmane behind, entering the trees on foot.

As you travel stealthily thru the woods, the outlaws are easy to track, having left a careless trail of cracked twigs & flattened grass.

You see their camp in the distance, three rough men sat around a fire. The boy is tied to tree - he looks terrified but unharmed.

You silently creep closer. The outlaws [low threat] are completely unaware of your presence, talking & eating. You prepare to strike.

King Slayer Vote no.5: will you use your bow (-3 arrows) = #trpg5a or attack with your sword = #trpg5b ?

King Slayer Vote no.5 is now closed: you're fighting close-range! #trpg5b

- x -

You leap into the midst of the men, slashing at the nearest outlaw. He instinctively dodges aside, evading your strike.

The outlaws grab their weapons but you are too quick - their blows miss you.

You attack the nearest opponent, slashing across his arm [-5 HP].

He lashes back out, catching you with a glancing blow [-2 HP 14/16].

The second outlaw manages to strike you, but his weak attack doesn't damage you. The third man's attack misses.

You plunge your blade through the first man, felling him viciously [opponent dead].

Screaming with rage, the other outlaws attack clumsily. You easily evade them.

Unleashing a strong stab, you cut into the second man [-7 HP].

Rolling away, you move fluidly past the men's strikes.

Leaping back towards your opponents, you slash across the second outlaw's midriff. He falls to the ground. [opponent dead].

His companion lunges at you - you dodge his attack.

Your blade strikes the third man's shoulder - he roars with pain [-7 HP].

The final outlaw surprises you with a strong attack, cutting your leg [-4 HP 10/16].

Your returning strike ploughs through the man, killing him instantly [opponent dead].

King Slayer Vote no.6: use provisions = #trpg6a or do not use provisions = #trpg6b ? [HP: 10/16]

King Slayer Vote no.6 is now closed: the winning choice was 'do not use provisions'. #trpg6b

- x -

You gently lead the frightened boy back to the village. The people greet you joyfully, the boy's parents embracing him, tears running down.

"Good job, friend," booms Gordos, slapping you on the back. "Let us feed you & dress those wounds - as payment for your service."

King Slayer Vote no.7: will you accept the villager's offer = #trpg7a or continue on your way = #trpg7b ?

King Slayer Vote no.7 is now closed. The result: you all want something to eat - 'rest at the village' wins! #trpg7a

- x -

You enjoy a homely meal at the boy's house [HP restored, +1 base HP]. Gordos queries your purpose in the north - you evade the question.

A breathless man bursts in through the door. He waves a scrap of paper in his hand - a bird's message. "The Skavs - they've taken Herran."

"What?" shouts Gordos incredulously. You grab your kit. You need to get to Herran fast - before sneaking in is impossible.

"Wait," growls Gordos. You stop. "We're not as stupid as we look," he says. "You've a purpose with the Skavs. Let us help you again."

King Slayer Vote no.8: will you accept Gordos' help = #trpg8a or make your own way into the city of Herran = #trpg8b ?

King Slayer Vote no.8 is now closed: the winning choice was "accept Gordos' help." #trpg8a

- x -

The villagers pack a horse-drawn cart full of grain & food, hiding you within the supplies. You set out on the road towards Herran.

After an uncomfortable day's ride amongst the sacks, you reach the city. You peek out - Herran looks undamaged, the people must have fled.

The cart's driver pleads with the soldiers at the gate to accept the food as a peace offering. The guards mock him, but eventually relent.

The cart is left in store courtyard - the driver leaves. When you are sure you are alone, you climb out, preparing to sneak thru the city.

King Slayer Vote no.9: will you wait for the cover of darkness = #trpg9a or try to find a disguise = #trpg9b ?

King Slayer Vote no.9 is now closed - the winning choice was 'wait for the cover of darkness.' #trpg9a

- x -

Night has fallen. You creep out onto the deserted street, the sound of Skavian soldiers echoing around the city. Which way to go?

King Slayer Vote no.10 is now opening: will you got thru the marketplace = #trpg10a or go thru the living quarters = #trpg10b ? You decide!

King Slayer Vote no.10 is now closed: it's off to the marketplace! #trpg10a

- x -

Sticking to the shadows, you make your way onwards. As you enter the market square, a platoon of soldiers march in opposite [test SPD].

[test SPD = success] You duck behind an empty stall. The soldiers are unaware. You sneak back the way you came, towards the living quarters.

The streets outside the houses are littered with debris from the Skavian soldiers' looting. Most of the doors are smashed open.

King Slayer Vote no.11: will you take the streets = #trpg11a or make your way over the rooftops = #trpg11b ?

King Slayer Vote no.11 is now closed. It's time to climb the rooftops! #trpg11b

- x -

You enter the nearest house. The furniture inside has been strewn about, glass & splinters scattered on the floor.

As you approach the stairs, a soldier [low/moderate threat] enters the room from the a side door - he draws his sword: you'll have to fight.

King Slayer Vote no.12: will you use your bow [-1 arrow] = #trpg12a or attack with your sword = #trpg12b ?

King Slayer Vote no.12 is now closed: you're going with your strengths; 'use your bow' wins! #trpg12a

- x -

Your arrow strikes the soldier thru the heart - he falls to the ground, instantly dead. You climb the stairs to the top of the house.

You climb out of the window, hoisting yourself onto the roof. The city lies below you; which way to go?

King Slayer Vote no.13: will you head for the north gate = #trpg13a or head directly to the wall = #trpg13b ?

King Slayer Vote no.13 is now closed. 'Head to the outer wall' wins! #trpg13b

- x -

Jumping from roof to roof, you make your way towards the wall, careful not to attract the attention of the soldiers in the streets below.

You leap off the rooftop onto the outer wall of Herran. Peering over the edge, you look down at the sheer drop - too high to jump down.

"Oi!" You turn to see two soldiers [moderate threat] climbing the stairs onto the wall, swords drawn. You'll have to make this quick.

King Slayer Vote no.14: will you use your bow [-2 arrows] = #trpg14a or attack with your sword = #trpg14b ?

Updated: 10/6/11

King Slayer Vote no.14 is now closed. The winning choice was 'use your bow'! #trpg14a

You fire two arrows in quick succession. The first catches the soldier thru the throat. He topples off the wall, slamming into the ground.

The second arrow plunges into the other soldier's side, blood gushing out. He winces & stumbles but continues on [HP halved].

You attack - hit [-9 HP]

Opponent dead [0/10 HP]

You continue stealthily along the wall, heading towards the north gate. You spot an unusual tent pitched in the courtyard near the gate.

King Slayer Vote no.15: will you continue to the gate = #trpg15a or investigate the tent = #trpg15b ?

King Slayer Vote no.15 is now closed. That tent was just too interesting to pass by! #trpg15b

- x -

You descend from the rooftop, landing lightly on the ground. Peering round the buildings edge, you see two guards at the door of the tent.

As you watch, another soldier approaches the tent. Before the guards can greet him, he unleashes two violent slashes, cutting the men down.

King Slayer Vote no.16: will you confront the mysterious attacker = #trpg16a or leave & head for the gate = #trpg16b ?

King Slayer Vote no.16 is now closed: the winning choice was 'investigate the tent'. #trpg16a

- x -

You move quickly, darting across the square towards the tent. The man has ducked under the entrance - you cautiously follow him in.

You draw your sword. The man has his back to you, about to enter the luxurious tent's inner chamber. "Your mission, stranger?" you ask.

He turns, revealing his face - it is Dyne, Lord of the King. He smiles at you. "I'm about to complete my mission," he says, dagger in hand.

King Slayer Vote no.17: will you insist on helping Dyne complete his task = #trpg17a or leave him and head for the gate = #trpg17b ?

King Slayer Vote no.17 is now closed: 'help Dyne' wins! #trpg17a

- x -

You persuade Dyne to allow you to assist him. Entering the inner chamber, you see the Army Commander asleep on his bunk.

He, is my target,” says Dyne, moving stealthily alongside the Commander's bed. The tall, broad man continues to slumber.

For the king,” says your comrade, raising his dagger.

As the blade falls, the Commander lashes out a fearsome punch into Dyne's face, sending him reeling back.

Dyne collapses, stunned. The Commander grabs his mighty claymore, upon you in an instant [bow unusable].

You slide past him, slashing his side. [-6 HP]

He counters with well-timed kick, striking your ribs. [-4 HP 13/17]

You cut into his leg, but the attack is weak. [-2 HP]

The commander slams his sword down into your shoulder, leaving a deep wound. [-8 HP 5/17]

You counterattack with a swift stab. [-5 HP]

The towering man pulls you close, driving his skull into your face. [-4 HP 1/17]

You punch into the Commander's midriff – a poor attack. [-2 HP]

Striking powerfully, the Commander's blade smashes you aside. [-8 HP 0/17]

*AUTO HEAL* [-1 provisions, half HP restored – 9/17]

The commander attacks again mercilessly, your blood spilling out. [-6 HP 3/17]

With all your remaining strength, you thrust your sword into the Commander's chest. He grimaces, half-smiling, then crumples, dead. [0/15]

King Slayer Vote no.18: will you use provisions = #trpg18a or do not use provisions = #trpg18b ? [HP: 3/17]

King Slayer Vote no.18 is now closed. You've used your last pack of provisions. #trpg18a [HP fully restored - 17/17]

- x -

You help Dyne to his feet. He sways groggily. You notice the Commander's giant sword lying on the floor of the tent - a powerful weapon.

King Slayer Vote no.19: will you take the 'Commander's Claymore' [lose bow & short sword] = #trpg19a or leave it behind = #trpg19b ?

The massive sword lies on the tent floor - clearly a powerful weapon, but heavy & unwieldy. [stats: +2 ATK, +1 DEF, -3 SPD]

King Slayer Vote no.19 is now closed. You've decided to stick with what you've got - will it be a wise choice? #trpg19b

- x -

Dyne looks miserably down at the Commander's prone form. "I have failed," he mutters. You grasp his shoulder. "We have to go," you tell him.

You exit the tent to find three soldiers inspecting the bodies of their comrades. Dyne snaps out of his mood, engaging one of the enemies.

The two remaining soldiers [moderate threat] circle around you. "Drop your weapon, and we may reward you with a quick death," one snarls.

King Slayer Vote no.20: will you use your bow [-2 arrows] = #trpg20a or attack with your short sword = #trpg20b?

King Slayer Vote no.20 is now closed. It's archery time! #trpg20a

- x -

The soldiers don't even have time to cry out - your arrows pierce them with deadly accuracy. You turn to see Dyne running his opponent thru.

Shouts echo from the streets about you - more soldiers are coming. "Go!" shouts Dyne. "I'll hold them here - a chance to regain my honour."

King Slayer Vote no.21: leave Dyne to distract the soldiers = #trpg21a or stay with him & fight your way out = #trpg21b?

King Slayer Vote no.21 is now closed. The winning choice is 'let Dyne distract the soldiers'. #trpg21a

- x -

You duck into an empty side street as the soldiers enter the square, charging at Dyne. Your comrade raises his twin swords, ready to attack.

You watch briefly. Dyne cuts down foe after foe, but more come. The wild joy of battle is in his eyes - he will achieve a valiant death.

The streets leading to the north gate are deserted. Sneaking closer, you see three guards [moderate threat] slouching next to the exit.

King Slayer Vote no.22: will you attack = #trpg22a, attempt to sneak by = #trpg22b or wait & see if the situation changes = #trpg22c?

King Slayer Vote no.22 is now closed. You all chose to be sneaky! #trpg22b

- x -

[SPD tested = unsuccessful] As you try to slip past the guards, one turns and sees you - they draw their weapons [bow unusable].

You attack - miss

Guard 1 attacks - miss

Guard 2 attacks - hit [no damage]

Guard 3 attacks - miss

You attack - hit [-10 HP, Guard 1 dead]

Guard 2 attacks - hit [-3 HP, 14/17]

Guard 3 attacks - misses again

You attack - sadly, a miss

Guard 2 attacks - hit [-2 HP, 12/17]

Guard 3 attacks - hit [-1 HP, 11/17]

You attack - hit [-5 HP]

Guard 2 attacks - hit [-4 HP, 7/17]

Guard 3 attacks - hit [-2 HP, 5/17]

You attack - hit [-5 HP, Guard 2 dead]

Guard 3 attacks - swing & a miss

You attack - hit [-10 HP, Guard 3 dead]

Although your wounds are severe, you manage to open the side gate & exit the city. With as much speed as you dare, you run for the woods.

You run until you are sure no-one is pursuing. Collapsing with exhaustion and pain, the world dims around you, darkness falling.

You awake in a sunlit clearing, feeling a sense of peace. A stone shrine stands before you. There is an inscription carved on its base.

King Slayer Vote no.23: will you give in to the over-powering urge to touch the shrine = #trpg23a or read the inscription first = #trpg23b?

King Slayer Vote no.23 is now closed. You're a very cautious bunch - 'read the inscription' wins. #trpg23b

- x -

You lean close, reading the writing carved on the weathered, ivy-covered stone. It reads: "Healing for the Weary, Rest for the Heroic."

You touch the shrine. As your flesh meets the rough stone, a holy force washes over you. [HP fully restored, +1 base HP]

Your pack suddenly feels heavier - you open it to find it restocked with provisions. Your quiver is also mystically refilled.

You leave the clearing, knowing deep within you that whatever my befall you, this will always be a safe haven. [progressed saved]

You find your way back to the road. Stepping onto the track, you spy two Skavian cavalry troopers [moderate/high threat] ride towards you.

King Slayer Vote no.24: will you use your bow [-2 arrows] = #trpg24a, attack with your sword = #trpg24b or hide in the trees = #trpg24c?

King Slayer Vote no.24 is now closed. A battle avoided is a battle won! #trpg24c

- x -

[SPD tested - successful] The soldiers thunder by on the road, unaware that you are hidden in the treeline. Once out of sight, you continue.

You travel on. Eventually the trees thin out, making way for open plains. The road is the fastest route, but offers no cover...

King Slayer Vote no.25: will continue along the main path to Rockreach = #trpg25a or head thru the countryside towards your goal = #trpg25b?

King Slayer Vote no.25 is now closed: you're going offroad! #trpg25b

- x -

You head off away from the road, walking thru the long grass. The wind sends shimmering waves across the sea of thin green strands.

As you walk throughout the day, dark clouds form above. You pull up your hood. Speckles of rain soon become a full-blown downpour.

Thru the curtain of water hammering down, you see a farmhouse near a copse of trees. It appears abandoned, but you never know...

King Slayer Vote no.26: will you investigate the farmhouse = #trpg26a or continue thru the storm = #trpg26b?

King Slayer Vote no.26 is now closed: the winning choice was 'investigate the farmhouse'. #trpg26a

- x -

You carefully open the wooden door, peering into the darkened house. It appears to be empty. You enter, glad to be out of the storm.

You survey the homely farmhouse. You can see into the kitchen on the left, & up the stairs straight ahead. Where to explore first?

King Slayer Vote no.27: will you have a look in the kitchen = #trpg27a or explore upstairs = #trpg27b?

King Slayer Vote no.27 is now closed. You're heading upstairs! #trpg27b

- x -

You climb the stairs, the boards creaking. The upper floor of the house is deserted, there doesn't seem to be anything of use anywhere.

As you head back towards the stairs, the front door opens below. You watch, hidden, as a Skavian scout [moderate threat] enters the house.

King Slayer Vote no.28: will you attack with your bow [-1 arrow] = #trpg28a, attack with your sword = #trpg28b or observe & wait = #trpg28c?

King Slayer Vote no.28 is now closed: you're going to see how things pan out before getting involved. #trpg28c

Updated: 18/6/11

Instead of copying and pasting the exact updates from the Twitter feed, I thought it would be more fun to summarise the votes in a prose narrative fashion. This way, the story is a bit easier to follow. Enjoy!

You observe the scout, watching as he enters the kitchen. The man screams out as he finds himself caught in a bear trap – good thing you didn't go into the kitchen first. You decide to be merciful to the Skavakian scout, releasing him from the trap, but then have a sudden change of heart, and torture him for information. Sadly, this was an unsuccessful tactic – the man passes out, leaving you to continue your journey towards the fortress of Rochreach.

Approaching the overrun citadel under the cover of early-morning darkness, you effortlessly scale the outer wall, undetected by the enemy soldiers luring within. Vaulting over the battlements, you encounter a sentry standing with his back to you – a quick slit of his throat and you're on your way. You continue along the wall, but notice a group of captured soldiers being herded along by enemy troops in the courtyard below. Unable to leave your comrades in their hour of need, you leap down to their aid. Your arrows and sword-strikes make quick work of the soldiers. You leave the freed prisoners to make their own way out of Rockreach – you've got a mission to complete.

Moving from shadow to shadow, you make your way stealthily towards the gate leading to the inner circle of the fortress. You see two heavily armoured Skavakian Skirmishers guarding the entrance, and therefore decide the clamber up some crates near the wall, dropping lightly onto the other side. As dawn begins to creep over the horizon, you approach the Spire, the central tower within the citadel – most definitely the location of the enemy King. Two guards stand at the door to the Spire, but you deal with them easily.

Entering the tower, you see a staircase ahead and a locked door to the right – no time to investigate further however, as you hear footsteps from the stairs. Pressing yourself flat against the wall you prepare an ambush. As the Skavakian Captain steps into the room you grab him about the neck – he struggles, but you end him with a quick twist of your arm. You try to open the locked door, but just end up with a bruised shoulder. You turn back to the stairs and head upwards.

Peering up onto the next level of the Spire, you see a couple of guards slouching lazily against the wall. You attempt a ruse, shouting out to the men that you need help below – the Skavs fall for the trick, leaving their post and heading towards the stairs. Hiding in a narrow alcove, you watch the men pass you as they descend. Leaping out from the alcove, you cut down the second man – the first turns and engages you in combat. You sustain some wounds, but manage to emerge the victor.

You bar the door to the stairwell and inspect the room, finding a plate of freshly-prepared Skavakian broth on a table. The smell of the food is too enticing to pass by – you gobble down the tasty meal. Initially you feel content and restored, but the unusual meal doesn't sit well in your stomach, causing you to take an emergency toilet break. Feeling dirty and uncomfortable, you continue on your way.

Climbing up the next set of stairs, you notice a strange noise as you pass a certain step. As you investigate the floor for clues, finding nothing, a Skav Captain appears at the top of the stairwell. You land an arrow on your target, but the soldier doesn't fall – you clash with him, your sword triumphing over his sabre.

You decide to check the wall for any hidden secrets. Loud crashing noises issue from the barricaded door – the soldiers are alerted to your presence. Pressing a stone on the wall, you manage to open a secret passage, a narrow dark corridor within the tower's structure. Diving inside, you hear the door slam shut behind, trapping you within the wall but also hiding you from the pursuing soldiers. Lighting a flame with your tinder box, you can see a ladder at the end of the gloomy passage, descending down into the depths of the tower, and upwards towards it's peak.

Updated: 2/7/11

You clamber onto the ladder, careful to make sure your flame isn't extinguished. Moving cautiously, you ascend into the darkness above.

An ominous 'click' issues from one of the stone rungs as you grasp it, followed by a series of thudding 'clunks'. Looking down, you see to your horror that the ladder has begun to recess back into the wall at an alarming pace.

Dropping the burning ember of wood, you climb blindly upwards as fast as you are able, the ladder disappearing rapidly. As you haul yourself up, you catch sight of a dim light above – some sort of ledge or passage. You throw yourself upwards, just as the last rung below you slides into the stone wall. Your fingers grasp hold of the ledge. Summoning all your strength, your muscles screaming with pain and exhaustion, you pull yourself up, rolling onto your back, panting and wheezing.

When your breath returns, you see that you are in another dark passageway. At the end is a T-junction, with a thin barred grate high in the middle of the wall, from which light issues into the murky passage. You sneak closer, peering through the tiny opening.

On the other side of the grate you see two soldiers sitting in a small storeroom, peeling vegetables – one of the soldiers is large and round, and the other is a weaselish skinny fellow. Listening in on their conversation, you learn that a strange visitor entered the fortress the previous day – a foreigner, possibly a spy. You ponder this information as you progress along the passage, choosing to take the left route – a thin crawlspace, low to the ground.

Coming to the end of the tunnel, you find yourself looking down into a latrine, a soldier occupying one of the toilets. You wait for him to leave, and then shadow him through the corridors of the tower. The soldier, a royal Honour Guard, heads along a passage towards a small staircase. Peering up over the top step, you see him rejoin one of his comrades, the two of them guarding a large ornately-carved door – the entrance to the royal chamber.

A voice behind you causes you to spin round – it is the fat soldier from the storeroom, inquiring who you are. Putting on your finest dramatic performance, you manage to trick him into thinking you a royal spy, sending him on his way. After that you deal with the two Honour Guards – no tricks for them, just two arrows and a fatal sword strike.

You are about to investigate the door, when it opens, revealing none other than Prayro, fellow 'King's Lord', also given a secret quest and a 'King's Dagger'. Behind him stands the Skav king; tall, scarred and smiling triumphantly. You allow Prayro to explain himself, refusing the king's offer of food. Prayro states that he wishes to save your nation by bartering with the Skavakians, but all you see in his eyes are greed and avarice. You draw your sword, taking the fight to the traitor.

Prayro draws his needle-like dagger with lighting speed, landing a swift blow.

You swipe at him but he evades your attack.

The traitor stabs viciously, gashing your forearm.

You manage to land a punch into his side, the crack of bone audible.

Prayro plunges his blade into your midriff – a grievous wound.

With renewed vigour, you gouge your sword into Prayro's leg, blood flying out.

His movement impaired, your foe slashes at you weakly – you dodge the attack.

Your sword finds its mark – Prayro screams as it tears into his flesh.

Prayro attacks clumsily, unable to strike you.

You drive your sword into his heart, staring into his eyes as the life drains out of them.

The king of Skavak looks down at his fallen henchman, seeming only mildly interested. Throwing back a leather covering from a nearby table, he reveals two horrific weapons – a barbed flail, and a huge single-bladed axe. Grasping the two instruments of death in his massive fists, the king gives you one last ultimatum – turn on your master and live to serve his nation, or fall under the crushing wave of his wrath.

With unearthly speed, you leap towards the king, slashing at his shoulder.

The cruel spikes of his flail collide with your body, sending you reeling back.

Recovering from the blow, you grasp the chain of the flail, sending the king stumbling into the path of your blade.

The towering man's axe hacks into your chest, cutting deep.

With a cry of grim determination, you send your sword hammering down, severing straight thru the king's arm.

The crippled giant falls to the floor of the chamber, screaming in agony, clutching at the bloody remains of his limb.

You stand over your foe. He looks up into your eyes, transfixed by fear. How small he now seems...

Drawing the 'King's Dagger' from within your cloak, you prepare to strike...

Please,” he begs, tears running down his face. “I'll give you everything - you'll rule my entire kingdom. Please spare my life.”

Updated: 9/7/11

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