Friday, 7 October 2011

The next Tweet RPG adventure - Time to Die

Logo created by Andrew Joyce
Time for a new adventure! We're heading into the murky neon-soaked depths of Neo-Noir Detective Fiction, with a splash of Cyberpunk for good measure. As the protagonist of 'Time to Die', you'll be searching for clues, chasing leads and trying to stay alive as your investigation takes you across a cut-throat futuristic cityscape – think Blade Runner, Minority Report and Ghost in the Shell in terms of influences and inspiration.

I won't give anything away before the 'Time to Die' prologue is published, but be prepared for some Postmodern story structure. Lots of questions will be raised, but the answers won't be easily found. There may be some things that your character knows that he doesn't share with you – be prepared for a complex protagonist! Remember: it's not the destination that's most important – it's how you get there.

Things will be changed up a little in regards to the gameplay mechanics of this adventure. Firstly, the rules regarding long-range weaponry have been adjusted. After 'King Slayer', I realised that I had made the longbow way too powerful – with a high ATK stat and the 'sharpshooter' perk, you were pretty much unstoppable! Here's how long-range attacks will now work: if you choose to use your gun, one die is rolled - 1-3 = miss, 4,5 = hit (-half HP), 6 = kill. Secondly, there will a special mini-game introduced during 'Time to Die' – more on that at a later date! Lastly, the difficultly of this adventure will be higher than 'King Slayer' and 'Starfall' – don't expect to make it through without negotiating some serious obstacles. You might actually fail this time!

Look out for the 'Time to Die' prologue in the near future!

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