Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Starfall Stats and Achievements

Starfall Statistics

Combat Stats

Enemies defeated = 18
Damage inflicted = 225
Damage sustained = 151
Secondary weapons used = Minigun, Scatter Missiles, EMP Blast
Times 'AUTO-HEAL' used = 5

Story Stats

Patch-kits used = 6
Repair-kits used = 2
Morality choices = 7 (good = 5, evil = 2)
Avoided combat = 4 times
SPD tested = 11 times (success = 10, failure = 1)
DEF tested = 4 times (success = 3, failure = 1)
Used Ray = 3 times
Co-operation = 6 times
Key items held = Grak Egg x2, Power Coupling

Voting Stats

Total votes = 643
Lowest number of votes per session = 3 (vote no. 34 & 42)
Highest number of votes per session = 21 (vote no. 79)
Average number of votes per session = 8.14
No. of unanimous voting sessions = 13
Open votes = 4
Quick votes = 5

Starfall Achievements

Engage! – players who took part in the first voting session:
@adamdjohno @CostaIsAwesome @FrakkinNerd @Ghrinonon @HairyDM @historc @jaduffield @joe_the_drummer @lauren_brier @longwhan @Paul_F_Harris @the_blind_GM

Parallel Systems – players who took part in a voting session during which everyone voted for the same option:
@_laurapatricia @adamdjohno @andrewauseon @CostaIsAwesome @FrakkinNerd @Ghrinonon @HairyDM @historc @joe_the_drummer @joekawano @LandrasGembar @lauren_brier @longwhan @NeoDodge @Paul_F_Harris @scottmalt @slloyd14 @the_blind_GM @therealrpgguy @whale4499

Rogue Programme – players who were the only person to make a particular choice during a voting session:
@adamdjohno @CostaIsAwesome @EricMPaq @Farchanter @FrakkinNerd @lauren_brier @longwhan @MitchKilgannon @Paul_F_Harris @TayrnMcBride @therealrpgguy

United Attack - players who voted with the majority in at least three quarters of the voting sessions they participated in:
@_laurapatricia @adamdjohno @andrewauseon @Bobzilla @EmmyOtter @Farchanter @FrakkinNerd @HairyDM @historc @HyenaSpotz @kamsays @LandrasGembar @lauren_brier @longwhan @m0ok @NeoDodge @richardstheone @scottmalt @the_blind_GM @venture19 @whale4499 @wyrind

Radio Chatter – players who commented or narrated during at least half of their votes:
@_laurapatricia @adamdjohno @andrewauseon @Bobzilla @CostaIsAwesome @DaddyDM @EmmyOtter @EricMPaq @Farchanter @FrakkinNerd @greglmercer @HairyDM @joe_the_drummer @joekawano @kamsays @LandrasGembar @m0ok @MitchKilgannon @nataliebinder @NeoDodge @nvbinder @richardstheone @scottmalt @TayrnMcBride @the_blind_GM @therealrpgguy @venture19 @whale4499 @wyrind

Contest Commentator – players who commented or narrated during all of their votes:
@_laurapatricia @andrewauseon @DaddyDM @EmmyOtter @EricMPaq @greglmercer @joekawano @LandrasGembar @m0ok @nataliebinder @NeoDodge @nvbinder @richardstheone @therealrpgguy @venture19 @whale4499 @wyrind

Digital Narrator – the players who commented or narrated the most times:
@Hairy DM @whale4499

Command Line – players who shaped the story through an individual choice, either through an 'OPEN' or 'SPLIT' vote:
@EmmyOtter @FrakkinNerd @historc @joekawano @LandrasGembar @lauren_brier @therealrpgguy @wyrind

New Upgrades – players who joined in after halfway through the story:
@DaddyDM @EricMPaq @Farchanter @greglmercer @kamsays @LandrasGembar @MitchKilgannon @nvbinder @scottmalt @venture19 @wyrind

Fresh Meat! – first new player:

Hyper-Sleep – players who returned to the story after missing five votes or more:
@adamdjohno @andrewauseon @Bobzilla @CostaIsAwesome @DaddyDM @EmmyOtter @Farchanter @FrakkinNerd @Ghrinonon @historc @joe_the_drummer @joekawano @kamsays @nataliebinder @NeoDodge @nvbinder @scottmalt @slloyd14 @TayrnMcBride @the_blind_GM @therealrpgguy @whale4499

The Showdown – players who voted in the final voting session:
@adamdjohno @Bobzilla @DaddyDM @EmmyOtter @EricMPaq @Ghrinonon @greglmercer @HairyDM @historc @joe_the_drummer @kamsays @LandrasGembar @lauren_brier @longwhan @MitchKilgannon @NeoDodge @nvbinder @Paul_F_Harris @the_blind_GM @therealrpgguy @wyrind

AuGArma Veteran – players who voted in over half of the total voting sessions:
@FrakkinNerd @HairyDM @lauren_brier @longwhan @Paul_F_Harris

Battle Fanatic – the player who voted the most:

Thanks to everyone for playing! Look out for info on the next adventure!

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