Tuesday, 13 March 2012

The next Tweet RPG adventure - Hack 'N' Slash Hero!

Logo by Andrew Joyce
It's finally time for some of your questions to be answered! It was great to hear so many people asking 'what's next?' as soon as Time To Die ended, but I didn't want to give too much away at that point. Now that I've had a bit of a break and started the preparations in earnest, it's time to reveal some details about the next Tweet RPG adventure – 'Hack 'N' Slash Hero'!

After the complex plot and heavy tone of Time to Die, I found myself thinking, maybe it's time for something a little bit lighter. Hack 'N' Slash Hero will be an easy-going and jokey adventure, and as the title suggests, will be full of combat and excitement. The story will be a 'one-shot', i.e. an isolated narrative as opposed to part of a series. Hack 'N' Slash Hero will also pay homage to the classic video games that many of us grew up with and still enjoy, with some elements of parody and spoof to poke fun at fan favourites like Zelda, Final Fantasy, and many more.

I've got a few ideas for ways to play with the format during this adventure, which will hopefully be really fun and engaging for you guys. Expect lots of hands-on involvement, especially with the 'character creation' process, some meta-narrative twists, and a few new gameplay mechanics. The prologue will be on the way shortly, but until then, get ready to press 'start' and begin your adventure!

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