Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Time to Die: Achievements

“Let's get this show on the road.” - First person to vote in Time to Die.

“Haven't seen you around here before.” - First new Tweet RPG player to vote in Time to Die.

“In the beginning...” - Players who voted in the first voting session.
@scottmalt @joe_the_drummer @whale4499 @longwhan @Ghrinonon @wyrind @Bobzilla @paulonogueira @EricMPaq @get2joe @historc @the_blind_GM @HairyDM @greglmercer @lauren_brier @Hyfrydle32 @paddyrox

“Time to die.” - Players who voted in the final voting session.
@scottmalt @longwhan @paulonogueira @EricMPaq @Hairy DM @lauren_brier @PaulFrankHarris @LandrasGembar @J2112O @danjohnson6 @DaddyDM @therealrpgguy @Farchanter @ChaoticGM @mr_nnj @Sky_Seven77 @SwordandHammer @m0ok @GeoffLorenz

“What have I missed?” - Players who joined the game halfway through.
@designedbylisa @NED_Podcast @Wastex_Games @ChaoticGM @mr_nnj @ElricEdge @ongoingworlds @chatterboxx69 @Sky_Seven77 @Conpulsion @PhilipGHarris @TarynMcBride @KorvarTheFox @joejoemayer @ripcrd @SwordandHammer @JamesMEWilson @Cronvek @m0ok @pdunwin @richardstheone @GeoffLorenz

“Great minds think alike.” - Players who voted in a session where the decision was unanimous.
@joe_the_drummer @longwhan @Ghrinonon @EricMPaq @get2joe @the_blind_GM @HairyDM @lauren_brier @Hyfrydle32 @PaulFrankHarris @Valancy @EmmyOtter @AdamMNowak @LandrasGembar @NeoDodge @J2112O @danjohnson6 @therealrpgguy @herncastle @ZhuBajiee @designedbylisa @ChaoticGM @chatterboxx69

“Fine; we'll do it your way.” - Players who were the only one person to choose a particular choice.
@Ghrinonon @EricMPaq @PaulFrankHarris @Conpulsion @TarynMcBride @JamesMEWilson @GeoffLorenz

“I aim to please.” - Players who voted with the majority in at least a quarter of the Time to Die votes.
@longwhan @Ghrinonon @EricMPaq @HairyDM @lauren_bier @Hyfrydle32 @PaulFrankHarris @J2112O @DaddyDM

“Let's talk this over.” - Players who commented on at least a quarter of the Time to Die votes.
@Ghrinonon @EricMPaq @HairyDM @Hyfrydle32 @LandrasGembar @J2112O @DaddyDM

“I know what I'm doing.” - Players who took control of the story through a QUICK or OPEN vote.
@Ghrinonon @EricMPaq @Hairy DM @lauren_brier @PaulFrankHarris @Valancy @LandrasGembar @DaddyDM @ChaoticGM @chatterboxx69 @KorvarTheFox @SwordandHammer @richardstheone

“Must have dozed off there.” - Players who returned after missing five votes or more.
@scottmalt @joe_the_drummer @whale4499 @wyrind @paulonogueira @EricMPaq @get2joe @historc @the_blind_GM @HairyDM @greglmercer @Hyfrydle32 @Valancy @EmmyOtter @AdamMNowak @LandrasGembar @slloyd14 @paddyrox @NeoDodge @J2112O @_laurapatricia @danjohnson6 @DaddyDM @therealrpgguy @Farchanter @herncastle @ZhuBajiee @andrewauseon @NED_Podcast @ChaoticGM @mr_nnj @ElricEdge @Sky_Seven77 @PhilipGHarris @TarynMcBride @KorvarTheFox @ripcrd @SwordandHammer @GeoffLorenz @drp604 @realmsgamer @naomibump

“I'm in this for the long haul.” - Players who voted in more than half of the Time to Die votes.
@longwhan @Ghrinonon @EricMPaq @HairyDM @lauren_bier @PaulFrankHarris @DaddyDM

Thanks to everyone who joined in with Time to Die – look out for a new Tweet RPG adventure soon! Hopefully I haven't made any mistakes but let me know if your username is spelt incorrectly or if there are any other errors and I'll try to correct the problem.

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