Saturday, 3 September 2011

Starfall: Story Summaries - Votes 35-46

Deciding to work as a team with the cyborgs, you help them tear a gap in the fence. You turn your weapons on the horde of Grak as they attempt to follow. The cyborg's beam cannons and your missiles wreak destruction upon the xenomorphs – those that aren't vapourised rushing away with fearful howls.

As soon as the threat is gone, the cyborgs turn on you, threatening to attack if you don't surrender. Knowing that their beam cannons need time to recharge, you engage them in combat, defeating them before their deadly energy weapons are ready.

You search the corpses of the double-crossing cyborgs, finding some supplies and two Grak eggs – extremely valuable items that can also be used as devastating weapons because of the acidic fluids inside. As you search, you also discover a self-destruct device, only a few seconds left on the clock. You opt to make a run for it, managing to outrun the ensuing blast.

No time to rest – a Triumph Challenge Battle Contestant approaches! An extremely fast AuGArma zooms towards you, piloted by the silent and mysterious Kursh. You hurl a Grak egg at the black Arma, but it is sadly wasted – Kursh dodges the projectile. The battle is surprisingly short, with your stats and weapons out-matching those of your opponent. You decide against taking Kursh's ProtoDrive secondary weapon, and as the alien sun sets, you head off along the wide highway.

Travelling into the night, you find yourself approaching a small train station. You opt to head off the road, avoiding the possibility of unwanted attention. Finding your way to the train tracks, you see that a giant mining train is heading towards you – time for some theatrics!

Leaping onto the speeding train, you settle down, hoping to hitch a lift in your search for your next opponent. Unfortunately, it isn't long before the train makes an unscheduled stop. You decide to wait it out, but are soon discovered by the onboard security team – two men with armour-piercing rifles, and a CivSec AuGArma, equipped with melee weaponry.

The men offer to let you stay on the train, in return for your protective services – they often come under attack from roving bandits, eager to steal their cargo. You agree to help and the train begins to move on. It isn't long before you come across an obstruction blocking the track. The revving of engines alerts you that enemies are approaching. Two Missile-Cycles speed towards the train – you take them on, enduring their ballistic attacks and smashing them into pieces.

Turning your attention towards the barrier blocking the rails, you consider your options. Should you attempt to remove the barricade by yourself, or fetch the CivSec Arma to lend you a hand?

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