Friday, 23 September 2011

Starfall: Story Summaries - Votes 72-79

Moving back behind the law officer, you wait for him to fire. The Grak finishes its frenzied feeding, turning its slavering maw towards you. It springs into action, clacking its beak, its arachnid eyes glinting.

The officer fires, the shot impacting on the creature's torso, but the Grak is already leaping into the air, vicious blades slicing into the law-man. He falls to the ground, doggedly struggling against the infant monster. The gun falls from his hand – you could help, or you could make a run for it...

You grab the firearm and point it towards the Grak. The weapon is heavy in your hands – you've never fired a gun before. With a sudden rush of courage, you step in as close as you dare and pull the trigger. The gun flies up in the air, the recoil taking you by surprise, but your aim is good. The Grak falls to the floor, a puncture wound through its skull.

You're not out of the wood yet, as two more law officers round the corner. They draw their weapons, aiming at you. From their angle, it looks very much like you just gunned down their comrade. Deciding not to antagonise the men, you drop the gun, holding your hands aloft in the surrender.

The officers close in. They recoil as they catch sight of the Grak corpse, but quickly move into action, one man helping his wounded colleague, the other questioning you about the recent events. Before you can answer, the see movement from the rooftops. The remaining thugs have returned – and this time they're packing heat!

The law-men and the thugs both train their firearms on each other. Neither party opens fire but neither wants to back down. You motion to Ray to sneak up on the thugs – the little robot heads off cautiously. You stall for time, offering money to the men on the rooftops. They sneer at your offer, but are suitably distracted as Ray makes his move, charging into the leader of the group, knocking him off the rooftop.

The men open fire, the law officers shooting back at them. As the bullets whistle over your head, you take heroic action, grabbing the wounded man and pulling him to safety in a nearby alleyway. His fellow officers arrive, having dealt with the armed thugs. One of them grabs you roughly, sensing that you were involved with the earlier mayhem. The wounded officer tells him in a weak and rattling voice to let you go. You smile at him, grateful for his kindness.

Heading back out onto the street, you search for Ray. You find the robot behind a large container bin – he's sustained some critical damage from a gun blast. He'll need repairs, but you'll have to sacrifice all your remaining repair supplies.

A deep sense of loyalty welling within, you begin work to restore Ray back to full-functionality. You've almost finished the job, when you realise that the last section of Ray's instruction manual is missing. Placing the fate your little robotic companion in the hands of chance, you a pick a wire to use for the last connection. Ray seems fine, but when he tries to speak, unintelligible gobbledegook issues from his vocal transmitter. Oh well, you'll have to make do.

You head out of Dust City, glad to put the town behind you. As you near your AuGArma, you see a sight that fills you with overwhelming despair. Reylan has already arrived, his silver and blue Arma standing triumphantly next to yours. A voice calls out to you – it's Reylan. He's standing in front of the two machines, beckoning you to come and talk with him. It could be a trap...

Although you're not entirely certain of your opponent's motives, you approach him cautiously. Reylan states that he wants a fair fight – he's going to let you repair, if you're happy to meet him in the valley to the east for the last battle of the preliminary round. He turns away, heading back towards his Arma. You could attack him now, whilst his back is turned...

Honour wins over treachery, and you decide to make it a fair fight, as Reylan suggested. As your opponent heads off, you start the repair work on your Arma – once the new power coupling is in place, everything seems to be in working order. You set off towards the valley. Reylan has kept his word and awaits you within the narrow rocky passage. It's time to fight!

You burst into action, utilising the swiftness of your Arma. Reylan defends skilfully, taking minor damage.

The Ragnarok shudders as Reylan lands a heavy blow – his Arma is built to deal destruction.

Attacking with speed and precision, you inflict a couple of good punches, sending your opponent's Arma reeling.

Reylan responds with a well-timed kick, catching your Arma squarely in its metal chest.

You sweep the Ragnarok's leg into Reylan's Arma, sending the silver & blue machine crashing to the ground.

Firing your 'EMP Blast', you unleash a burst of lightning into your opponent's Arma, stunning Reylan briefly.

Taking advantage of Reylan's immobility, you attack. Your blows land, but aren't too effective.

Relyan manages to coax his Arma back to life. He lashes out at you with an uncoordinated strike.

Your Arma's metal fist strikes your opponent in a blur of motion – your speedy attacks find their mark.

A powerful attack from Reylan sends you sprawling. Warning lights flash across your HUD – you can't take much more.

Reylan brings his secondary weapon online. A long slender cannon extends on his Arma's shoulder – a Rail Gun.

You don't have time to dodge the magnetised projectile. It blasts through the chest of the Ragnarok.

You try to move, but it's no good. The Ragnarok slumps onto the dusty ground, unable to continue the fight.

You have been defeated...

You AuGArma has been destroyed...

But is this the end?

Read the exciting conclusion to Starfall to find out how this chapter ends. This story has finished, but the adventure has only just begun!

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