Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Interview and leveling up

Here's your chance to find out more about Sam Richards, the creator of Tweet RPG! He's given an 'access-all-areas' interview opportunity to mysterious role-playing fanatic, The RPG Guy. Head over to his site to gorge yourself on salacious geek gossip.

Also, I've got an apology to make: I forgot to let all you Starfall players level up your AuGArma after the recent boss battle! I would fall upon my own katana, but who would update Tweet RPG?

To remedy this mistake, you can choose one stat to boost by +1 point, by commenting at the end of this post. Choose between ATK, DEF, SPD or HP - the stat with the most votes will get boosted! You have until 8:00pm GMT on Weds the 31st.


  1. Level DEF ! No need for HP if we don't get hit !

  2. Level DEF. I really dont like getting hit :p


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