Monday, 14 November 2011

Time to Die: Character Creation

It's almost time to buckle up your holster, load your trusty handgun and pull your overcoat onto your shoulders – the next Tweet RPG adventure, 'Time to Die', will commence very soon! Before the detective work begins, here's all the info you'll need to shape your protagonist and engage with some new gameplay elements.

The Time to Die Character Creation process will begin on Friday the 18th of November at 8:00am GMT. Here are the various elements of your character and his inventory that need to be sculpted by you, the player!

Voting Session no.1 (opens at 8:00am GMT, 18/11) – Extra Items

There are two extra items which you may add to your inventory. Both have useful effects during combat:
  • Eldritch EagleI Laser-scope – “you never miss with Eldritch.” This item is combined with your Strayer Voight Deadshot pistol, increasing its accuracy – 1,2 = miss, 3,4 = hit (half HP), 5,6 = instant kill.
  • NeoTec Cloak v.2.3 – an innovation in personal protection. Can deflect or absorb one attack, negating all damage, but needs time to recharge (one use per battle).

Voting Session no.2 (opens at 8:00pm GMT, 18/11) – Infiltration Skills

As an experienced private detective, you've picked up some useful skills over the years, allowing you to gain access to places and information in some slightly underhand ways. Both of the infiltration skills on offer operate through the same mechanic, but allow for different possibilities.

When offered the choice to use your infiltration skill, you'll be presented with an anagram – to successfully use your skill, at least one player must reply with the correct answer before the next voting session begins. If every reply is correct, expect extra rewards! You'll be given a skill rating regarding how hard the anagram will be to decipher when you are offered the choice to use your skill – the answer may be one word or a phrase. If you fail to provide the correct answer, you'll revert back to the previous set of story choices, and if there is only one alternate option, you'll be forced to go with it. Here are the infiltration skills on offer:
  • Hacking Skill – you're an expert at infiltrating all things digital, knowing how to get inside systems and the best ways to sidestep passwords and security protocols.
  • Lock-picking Skill – a locked door or safe isn't an obstacle; it's a challenge. All you need is a paper-clip or toothpick and you'll be inside in no time.

Voting Session no.3 (opens at 8:00am GMT, 19/11) – Perks

The perks available in Time to Die provide you with unique story options that would normally be unavailable. However, this doesn't always mean that an option made available by a perk is always the wisest choice – you'll still have to exercise some diligence and keep your wits about you. These are the three perks you may choose from:
  • Communication (COM) – you are an excellent wordsmith, able to persuade, charm and ensnare with a few simple phrases. You also have an uncanny ability for reading people – you listen not just to their words, but their bodies and expressions, providing you with unique insights.
  • Technology (TECH) – you have an affinity with mechanisms and machinery, being able to assess their qualities and workings almost intuitively. Whether in be a faulty computer terminal or a broken down vehicle, you'll know how to coax it back to life, or make it completely inoperable.
  • Physicality (PHY) – you keep your body in perfect shape, exercising regularly and engaging in various types of physical training. As a result, you are nimble and agile, able to vault walls, climb buildings and squeeze through narrow gaps with ease.

Voting Session no.4 (opens at 8:00pm GMT, 19/11) – Stats

In the first two Tweet RPG adventures, you were given the option to vote on how your character's attributes were distributed. However, things are going to be slightly different with Time to Die!

There is going to be a special competition to decide which one player will get to choose the protagonist's stats. It was suggested by Tweet RPG player @landrasgembar that we should have a contest to determine the name of your character, and that's what's going to happen! 

Send in your suggestions by commenting below or sending me a tweet (you can send as many as you want), for the name of the protagonist of Time to Die, and I'll pick my three favourites (competition closes when Character Creation begins). Everyone will vote on which of these three is the best, and the player who submitted the winning name gets to decide the protagonist's stats! Bear in mind; if your submission is deemed to be in bad taste or if it's plagiaristic, I won't consider it. Get thinking of an awesome neo-noir detective name!

There are just a few more things to inform you about your upcoming adventure:
  • Your starting inventory will contain: your Strayer Voight Deadshot handgun, 8 bullets, 100 Data Chips (currency), x2 stim vials (combat healing) and x2 aid kits (story healing).
  • Your starting HP is 16 – you will be presented with opportunities to increase this during the story.

The Time to Die adventure begins with Character Creation on Friday the 18th of November at 8:00am GMT – don’t forget to send us your suggestion for the name of the protagonist by commenting below or sending me a tweet!

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