Sunday, 27 November 2011

Time to Die: Story Summaries - Votes 1-11

  • You re-enter Dr Obadiah's laboratory and engage the young blonde assistant in conversation. You ask her about her relationship with the Doc, which puts her on the defensive – you also discover that Obadiah has had issues with this colleagues.
  • Searching the rest of the lab, you find a tiny shred of metal on the bench which housed the device, and a condescending note to the Doc from one of his colleagues in CygNet Research, a man named Dr Morris.
  • As you leave the building, you notice the blonde assistant has dropped a gold fountain pen from her bag. You place it in the building's mail slot – she'll find it later.
  • You decide to follow up the Dr Morris lead, and head over to a run-down net-cafe to do some research on the scientist.
  • You pay for the use of a console and for a rancid but energising cup of coffee. Your web search reveals that Morris is a young and gifted scientist, with no bad press to his name.
  • A young man with a gun bursts into the cafe, shouting for everyone to give up their cash and belongings. You decide to take control of the situation, persuading the boy to give you the gun and run away – he doesn't have to get into trouble.
  • The youth nervously hands over the weapon and dashes out of the door – hopefully he's learnt his lesson. The customers and the cafe's owner are very grateful – the owner lends you a hand with your search on Dr Morris, finding evidence that the young scientist has been criticised for his cut-throat strategies and willingness to trample those in his path.
  • You make your way out of the net-cafe and start out towards the CygNet Research headquarters on the other side of town – but how will you get there?

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