Friday, 18 November 2011

Time to Die: Results of the Protagonist Name Competition

The Time to Die Character Creation process is now underway! Make sure you get your vote in to shape the abilities of your protagonist.

Just a couple of things to note as we begin. To make it easier for me to collate your votes for the much-loved 'stats and achievements' at the end of the adventure, I'm going to 'favourite' every vote that comes in – it's the easiest way to save all the data. If you've got your notifications set to email you when this happens, I suggest you turn them off if it's going to annoy you!

Secondly, the shortlist of names for your character in Time to Die has now been decided. Here are my three favourites and the people who suggested them:
  • Weldon Locke – suggested by @Hyfrydle32
  • Jedd Falcon – suggested by @wyrind
  • Roy Harvey – suggested by @greglmercer (the name of his great-grandfather, who was a Depression-era detective!)

Thanks to @Ghrinonon, @joe_the_drummer, @PaulFrankHarris, @historc, @joekawano and @EricMPaq for also submitting name suggestions! Everyone will get the opportunity to vote for their favourite of the three names above in the fourth Character Creation vote (8:00pm GMT, 19/11/11).

Keeping on voting!

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