Monday, 11 July 2011

Hail to the King Slayer!

Congratulations! You have slain the king of Skavak, and have therefore saved your nation from being enslaved under brutal foreign occupation.

King Slayer, the first ever Tweet RPG adventure, has most definitely been a success. We've been able to test the different processes and mechanisms at the core of the project, such as the voting sessions and battle mechanics, as well as generate a fair amount of interest in a short space of time, through visits to this blog and interactions on Twitter.

Most importantly, King Slayer has gathered a loyal group of Tweet RPG players to engage in the project, shaping the story and helping to develop many of the core elements involved in Tweet RPG. Certain ideas that have been put into practice came directly from individual player's feedback, such as the inclusion of illustrations and story recap summaries. Without each one of you logging on and voting day by day, this whole idea would have been an exercise in fultility - thank you for playing, it's been a pleasure providing you with this first role-playing experience!

To carry on the King Slayer fun, we're going to be holding a King Slayer Trivia competition throughout this next week. A couple of multiple-choice questions will be posted on Twitter each day, at similar times to the previous voting sessions, each one testing your knowledge of the recent quest and its events. All the answers can be found somewhere within the articles on this blog, so if you don't feel like guessing, you can do some research! This event is just for fun; the only prize will be an inflated sense of pride!

The first King Slayer Trivia question will be posted this evening, between 8:00-9:00pm GMT.

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