Saturday, 2 July 2011

King Slayer: The story so far - Votes 29-52

Instead of copying and pasting the exact updates from the Twitter feed, I thought it would be more fun to summarise the votes in a prose narrative fashion. This way, the story is a bit easier to follow. Enjoy!

You observe the scout, watching as he enters the kitchen. The man screams out as he finds himself caught in a bear trap – good thing you didn't go into the kitchen first. You decide to be merciful to the Skavakian scout, releasing him from the trap, but then have a sudden change of heart, and torture him for information. Sadly, this was an unsuccessful tactic – the man passes out, leaving you to continue your journey towards the fortress of Rochreach.

Approaching the overrun citadel under the cover of early-morning darkness, you effortlessly scale the outer wall, undetected by the enemy soldiers luring within. Vaulting over the battlements, you encounter a sentry standing with his back to you – a quick slit of his throat and you're on your way. You continue along the wall, but notice a group of captured soldiers being herded along by enemy troops in the courtyard below. Unable to leave your comrades in their hour of need, you leap down to their aid. Your arrows and sword-strikes make quick work of the soldiers. You leave the freed prisoners to make their own way out of Rockreach – you've got a mission to complete.

Moving from shadow to shadow, you make your way stealthily towards the gate leading to the inner circle of the fortress. You see two heavily armoured Skavakian Skirmishers guarding the entrance, and therefore decide the clamber up some crates near the wall, dropping lightly onto the other side. As dawn begins to creep over the horizon, you approach the Spire, the central tower within the citadel – most definitely the location of the enemy King. Two guards stand at the door to the Spire, but you deal with them easily.

Entering the tower, you see a staircase ahead and a locked door to the right – no time to investigate further however, as you hear footsteps from the stairs. Pressing yourself flat against the wall you prepare an ambush. As the Skavakian Captain steps into the room you grab him about the neck – he struggles, but you end him with a quick twist of your arm. You try to open the locked door, but just end up with a bruised shoulder. You turn back to the stairs and head upwards.

Peering up onto the next level of the Spire, you see a couple of guards slouching lazily against the wall. You attempt a ruse, shouting out to the men that you need help below – the Skavs fall for the trick, leaving their post and heading towards the stairs. Hiding in a narrow alcove, you watch the men pass you as they descend. Leaping out from the alcove, you cut down the second man – the first turns and engages you in combat. You sustain some wounds, but manage to emerge the victor.

You bar the door to the stairwell and inspect the room, finding a plate of freshly-prepared Skavakian broth on a table. The smell of the food is too enticing to pass by – you gobble down the tasty meal. Initially you feel content and restored, but the unusual meal doesn't sit well in your stomach, causing you to take an emergency toilet break. Feeling dirty and uncomfortable, you continue on your way.

Climbing up the next set of stairs, you notice a strange noise as you pass a certain step. As you investigate the floor for clues, finding nothing, a Skav Captain appears at the top of the stairwell. You land an arrow on your target, but the soldier doesn't fall – you clash with him, your sword triumphing over his sabre.

You decide to check the wall for any hidden secrets. Loud crashing noises issue from the barricaded door – the soldiers are alerted to your presence. Pressing a stone on the wall, you manage to open a secret passage, a narrow dark corridor within the tower's structure. Diving inside, you hear the door slam shut behind, trapping you within the wall but also hiding you from the pursuing soldiers. Lighting a flame with your tinder box, you can see a ladder at the end of the gloomy passage, descending down into the depths of the tower, and upwards towards it's peak.

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