Monday, 25 July 2011

Unveiling the next Tweet RPG!

The time has come to reveal the details of our next Tweet RPG adventure. After choosing to work within the fantasy genre for our first story, King Slayer, we're going to head for the realms of science fiction, sprinkled with a touch of anime. It's massive robots, mechanised battles, hyperspace travel and alien planets from here on in! There are a few inspirations for the new adventure: Star Wars, Zone of the Enders, Rahxephon, Ender's Game and a few others. The title of our next adventure is...
The story of Starfall places you, the hero, at the threshold of a deadly combat tournament, played out using giant robotic 'AuGArma' suits, on a backwater colony planet deemed suitable for economic revival by the HappyFortune CorpGov regime. Watched by a galaxy yearning to see some bloodshed, you must compete against ruthless opponents, all searching to throw off their humble roots and carve out a meaningful existence in a harsh universe.

The start date for Starfall is Friday the 5th of August, with the Character Creation process beginning on the Wednesday the 3rd of August. The prologue will be posted shortly!

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