Tuesday, 19 July 2011

King Slayer Stats and Achievements

After a couple of hours worth of number-crunching and scrolling back through the entire sixty-five voting sessions, the King Slayer stats are now finally available! Thanks to all the players who took part in our first ever Tweet RPG adventure – check out @tw33t_rpg/tweet-rpg-players on Twitter to find out more about your comrades.

King Slayer Statistics

Battle Stats

Times bow was used = 7
Times sword was used = 9
One-shot kills = 9
Arrows used = 13
Enemies killed = 22
Damage inflicted = 243 HP
Damage sustained = 81 HP
Stealth kills = 3

Story Stats

Provisions used = 4
Interactions = 8
Morality choices = 9 ('good' = 7, 'evil' = 2)
Avoided combat = 9 times
SPD tested = 11 times ('successful' = 8, 'unsuccessful' = 3)
DEF tested = 3 times ('successful' = 1, 'unsuccessful' = 2)

Voting Stats

Total votes = 383
Lowest number of votes per session = 3 (7 sessions)
Highest number of votes per session = 13 (1 session)
Average amount of votes per session = 5.89
Number of times Random.org was used to adjudicate a split vote = 2 times

King Slayer Achievements

The King Slayer Achievements are awards given to players according to the actions they took during the quest. Bear in mind, all these accomplishments are based on the statistical analysis of the adventure, not on which players are valued more highly others. Have a look below to see which Achievements you were awarded!

Early Bird – players who voted in the first King Slayer voting session:
@adamdjohno @Ghrinonon @historc @lauren_brier @longwan @jaduffied @jvncab @m0ok @mattholmes_pt @whale4499

Hive-mind – players who took part in a voting session where everyone voted for the same option:
@adamdjohno @CostalsAwesome @danjohnson6 @Ghrinonon @HairyDM @historc @Katie_Harflett @lauren_brier @longwhan @m0ok @Paul_F_Harris @sherwoodm @slloyd14 @the_blind_GM @whale4499

Lone-wolf – players who were the only person to choose a particular choice in a voting session:
@adamdjohno @danjohnson6 @Ghrinonon @historc @joe_the_drummer @Katie_Harflett @lauren_brier @longwhan @m0ok @Paul_F_Harris @sherwoodm @whale4499

Reinforcements – players who joined the adventure over halfway through:
@CostalsAwesome @FrakkinNerd @HairyDM @sephwan @the_blind_GM @therealrpgguy

Narcoleptic – players who returned to the game after not voting for five sessions or more:
@_laurapatricia @danjohnson6 @joe_the_drummer @Katie_Harflett @m0ok @mattholmes_pt @Paul_F_Harris @sherwoodm @slloyd14 @whale4499

Finish Him! – players who voted in the final King Slayer voting session:
@adamdjohno @CostalsAwesome @danjohnson6 @historc @Ghrinonon @FrakkinNerd @joe_the_drummer @lauren_brier @longwhan @m0ok @mattholmes_pt @slloyd14 @whale4499

Veteran – players who voted in over half of the voting sessions:
@adamdjohno @historc @Ghrinonon @lauren_brier @longwhan

Crowd-pleaser – 'Veterans' who voted with the majority choice in over two thirds of the voting sessions they took part in:
@Ghrinonon @lauren_brier

Last Man Standing – the player took part in the most voting sessions:
@lauren_brier = 60/65 (players who came close: @longwhan = 59/65 @Ghrinonon = 45/65 @adamdjohno = 43/65)

Thanks to everyone who played – you all can claim the title of 'King Slayer'! Look out for the next Tweet RPG adventure!

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