Sunday, 4 December 2011

Time to Die: Story Summaries - Votes 12-23

  • You decide to ride the monorail across the city to the CygNet Research headquarters. Whilst on the train, you witness an altercation between a young man and a construction worker. Opting to take a back seat, you watch as the worker attempts to assault the youth, only to be repelled by the boy's cyborg body enhancements.
  • Exiting the carriage, you head towards the main entrance to the CygNet building. Tricking the receptionist into leaving her desk, you make your way inside. In the precious seconds that the receptionist is gone, you find a visitor pass and a building map in her desk. You also check her console for info on Dr Obadiah & his assistant, making a strange discovery – the scientist hasn't had an assistant for a few years...
  • Taking the stairs, you make your way up the building, finding the right floor for Dr Morris' office. As you make your way there, you pass Morris in the corridor. You opt to ignore him for now, taking the chance to uncover some clues in his office whilst he is out of the picture.
  • Once inside Dr Morris' office, you find that he's left his console switched on and unprotected. Taking this opportunity, you discover that Dr Obadiah was working on a project codenamed 'Odin's Spear'. The project has recently been discontinued due to lack of positive results, and a man named Martin Coates has been given the funding that was assigned to Obadiah.
  • Whilst you're still sitting at the desk, Morris appears in the doorway. You attempt to bluff your way out, stating that you're with tech support – this seems to placate the scientist. He asks for some help with a corrupted file – you offer to take the document away with you, but Morris states that's against company policy.
  • You're about to leave when Dr Morris gets suspicious and decides to find out more about your visit, calling the tech department. Your cover's about to be blown – what will you do?

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