Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Hack 'N' Slash Hero: Start date revealed!

It's almost time to flick the power switch, blow the fluff out of the cartridge, and press any button to begin! When a new Tweet RPG adventure launches, there are two dates to put in the diary: the story start and character creation. The former is when the voting sessions begin, the latter is when players have the opportunity to shape the protagonist of the quest.

As mentioned in the Hack 'N' Slash Hero gameplay article, the character creation in this adventure will be quite different from what has gone before. Rather than having a few voting sessions to determine the attributes of one central protagonist, you'll be given a five-day window to submit as many characters as you please – the more the merrier! The Hack 'N' Slash Hero character creation will open on Monday the 9th of April, during the morning (UK time) – the specific details of how to create a character will be posted at that point. You'll have roughly until 6pm GMT on Friday the 13th of April to make your submission(s).

The adventure begins on Monday the 16th of April, between 8am-9am GMT – we'll decide which hero starts the story during the first vote. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below or send me a tweet!

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