Saturday, 28 April 2012

Hack 'N' Slash Hero: Story Summaries - Votes 11-20

  • You ask the Archmaester to tell you about the challenges ahead – he explains that the Strength of Ages can only be obtained after facing challenges which will test your limits, in three separate locations across Visgarthia. Then, he promptly leaves.
  • After restoring your stamina with a potion, you choose to visit the savannah first, stepping into the pool. You sink into the water, and when you open your eyes you're in an arid desert, heat beating down on you.
  • There's a rocky cliff-face nearby and a stone pillar in the distance – the stone pillar appears more interesting. Approaching the pillar, you find it to be a basin engraved with the words, “feed me the water of life.” You figure message must mean blood, so you shed a few drops onto the stone...
  • Before you can react, the basin morphs into a tooth-filled mouth, closing around your hand. You manage to get it free, but take some damage. The basin sinks the ground, which begins to shake. The area where you stand suddenly rises up – you are standing on a enormous six-legged behemoth, a wide chunk of living landscape.
  • Once you gain your balance, you head towards a tower on the creature's back. Three stone gargoyles with halberds block your path – you decide to approach them. The lead gargoyle informs you that you must confront 'the Helmsman' who guides the behemoth, before challenging you to prove yourself in combat.
  • After defeating the gargoyle, its companions allow you to continue on your way. Making your way to the tower, you choose to enter through the main entrance, despite some eerie laughter you hear within. Inside, you find a staircase leading up to a doorway above.
  • As you step onto the stairs, the tower itself attacks you, vicious protrusions lashing out at you. Douglas McMichaels fights the tower creature valiantly, but falls in combat – a new hero is summoned to help the people of Visgarthia, the confused but kind werewolf, Loupy (49).
  • After fighting off the tower creature, you climb the stairs. On a platform outside the tower, you find the Helmsman, a grizzled figure completely covered by leather bands and a cloak, holding a giant pair of reins which control the behemoth. You opt to approach the Helmsman in a friendly manner, and he makes you an offer – he'll take you to the Strength of Ages, but only if you accept to kill his brother when you arrive. Will you accept, threaten him, or suggest a different deal?

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