Monday 2 April 2012

Hack 'N' Slash Hero: Gameplay

Character Creation – this is one of my favourite parts of Tweet RPG, and I wanted to make it really fun for you guys. Rather than shape one protagonist as a group, Hack 'N' Slash Hero gives you the chance to craft your own individual hero! When character creation begins, you'll be given the tools to shape your character's stats and abilities, but much of the process will be open to your creativity. Want to build a mystical Elf warrior, wielding dual katanas, or an eight-armed arachnid-human crossbreed, skilled in deadly hand-to-hand combat? The choice is yours! I'm going to let you create as many heroes as you want, so that we build up an army of champions, many of which will take part in the adventure of Hack 'N' Slash Hero.

Death – after the discussions and decisions aroused by the use of death/failure in Time to Die, I knew I had to work out for definite how the mechanic will work in Hack 'N' Slash Hero! As you have a host of warriors ready to enter the fray, death in this adventure is an opportunity to regroup and alter your tactics to best counter the challenge in your path. If a hero dies, you'll be given a random selection of warriors from which to choose a replacement. Therefore, if your hero dies because his agility is too low, you'll want to pick a new character with a high SPD stat. The character who died rejoins the ranks of waiting heroes, standing by for the next time a new champion is required. Death in Hack 'N' Slash Hero doesn't mean the end – it's about pressing 'continue' and trying something new!

Purchasing items – during Hack 'N' Slash Hero you will be given the chance to purchase items to aid your quest, as you begin the story with an empty inventory. However, the currency used to buy items isn't what you might expect. Every time a voting session ends, you gain a 'VP' – a 'vote point'. These are exchanged to items to use on your quest. Your dilemma; do I purchase small items that will no doubt be useful, or save up as the story progresses for something a little more spectacular?

Special powers – as this adventure is inspired by classic video games, we're definitely gonna have some boss battles! Your reward for defeating one of these enemies will be a special power for use in battle. To use one of these powers you will have to fulfil a specific action – the more times the action is correctly performed, the damage you'll be able to inflict e.g. if the requirement is to retweet a certain message, more retweets equals more damage. These powers have the potential to cause incredible destruction – use them wisely!

The Character Creation start date and the adventure start date will be revealed shortly! Get your imagination ready to build your hero!

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