Friday, 11 May 2012

Hack 'N' Slash Hero: Story Summary - Votes 31-40

  • You choose to start off your attack with some gunfire, taking down one of the monsters, but missing the second. You take him down with hand-to-hand combat. Deciding to help the Visgarthian soldiers, you head onwards.
  • After a brief encounter with the Merchant, you make your way down to the entrance of the Arcalith. A fierce battle rages in the hall, with the Archmaester in the midst, fighting a giant beast. You leave him to his foe and help a group soldiers setting up a cannon.
  • With the gun ready to fire, you order the soldiers to shoot at the giant beast. Unloading a stream of energy into the creature, you defeat it. A new wave of monsters streams into the Arcalith, but the Archmaester engulfs them in flame. Telling the soldiers to hold the line for as long as possible, you leave the entrance.
  • Returning to your search for the Strength of Ages, you choose to visit the jungle first instead of the icy tundra. Once transported to the humid rainforest, you climb a tree to get a better idea of your surroundings.
  • Seeing some ruins up ahead, you begin to descend but come face to face with a dangerous looking lizard. Keeping still, you allow the creature to climb onto your shoulder. Taking a shine to the reptile, you let it come along for the ride.
  • Heading onwards with 'Lizzy', you enter a clearing with a wooden statue in the centre and stairway leading down into the ruins on the other side. The statue looks ominous, so you skirt around it. The wooden figure turns out to be an angry golem, which suddenly comes to life and attacks. You dodge the golem and rush across the clearing, descending into the ruins.
  • Walking along the corridor further into the ruins, you find yourself at a crossroads. There's a pathway leading downwards to the left. The route ahead leads straight on. The path to the right leads upwards. Which way will you go?

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