Monday, 21 May 2012

Hack 'N' Slash Hero: Story Summary - Votes 41-50

  • You decide to take the path leading downwards to the left. You find yourself in a small room with three doors, but suddenly you are locked in with no escape - the doors aren't real and a spiked wall is closing in on you! There's a cryptic puzzle on the ground - you solve it in the nick of time, stopping the trap and opening the way forward.
  • Carrying on, you enter a large domed room. There's a girl chained to the floor in the centre, begging you to free her. You ask for more info, then decide to help, but something isn't right. You manage to dive out of the way as a giant crab-like monster, a Maag, bursts out of the floor. The girl was a twisted lure, which hangs gruesomely from the creature 's chin.
  • Wasting no time, you use your special ability [Tornado of Pain] to slay the beast. Searching through the carcass, you find a piece of shell to use as a shield, but are set upon by some ravenous baby Maags. The battle is tough, but you win.
  • With more monsters approaching from the Maag's lair, you head onwards, barring the passage behind with an old portcullis. You descend a ladder and find yourself high in the rafters of a giant chamber. The second Strength of Ages glows in the distance below - there are a few ways to get down, but you choose the risky option of climbing down some hanging chains.
  • You leap out into the air, but miss the chains by inches. Lizzy the lizard jumps off to safety as you plummet towards the ground. Chen slams into the unforgiving stone of the chamber floor - his part in the tale is over for now.
  • Our new hero appears on the scene - sentient steam-man Ironfist (no.69). You approach the glowing crystal at the centre of the room, but find another puzzle blocking your path. Concentric rings of stone must be turned to reveal a safe pathway forward - rather than rush on, you solve the puzzle and cross the revealed bridge.
  • You absorb the power of the second Strength of Ages - two down, one to go! There's no time to celebrate however, as the chamber has begun to flood with water. The portal leading back to the Arcalith is high above - there's a broken staircase leading up, but you could also use the hanging chains, or find something to float on...

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