Sunday, 27 May 2012

Hack 'N' Slash Hero: Story Summary - Votes 51-60

  • You take the stairs up towards the portal, nimbly dodging the broken masonry and making it to the top. Walking through the portal, you escape the watery doom of the dungeon, but find yourself in the strange netherworld that you experienced after gaining the first of the Strength of Ages. This time you're in a science classroom – very odd...
  • After getting an after-school detention from your angry teacher and having the surreal experience of working alongside your lifelong crush, Jamie, you find yourself transported back into the realm of Visgarthia. Standing once again on the peak of the Arcalith, you see the forces of the Affliction are still attacking the temple, and gaining ground.
  • You head inside to help the soldiers who are doggedly holding the corridor at the top of the stairs. After felling one of the attacking monsters, you grab a soldier to help you operate an unmanned gun turret. You continue to hold the monsters off, but more and more keep coming. Spotting some Visgarthian heavy weapons, you grab a rocket launcher, blowing the advancing enemies to pieces.
  • Encouraging the Visgarthian soldiers to hold the line for as long as possible, you head to the teleportation chamber. You enter the final pool and are transported to a barren icy wasteland.
  • You've no time to take in the scenery, as you realise that you're surrounded – a group of cloaked and hooded figures with flint spears encircle you. The leader gestures that you should kneel, but you stay standing, hoping a show of strength will be effective. The leader attacks, but you defeat him. The man seems impressed by your combat prowess and praises you in a broken accent – maybe you've won him over?
  • Deciding to see if the local folk are friendly after all, you allow the men to lead you to their town. Once there, you meet a familiar person – it's the Merchant. The creepy little man explains how he fled the Arcalith and found himself here. He offers you two items from his depleted stocks – a vial of tar-like liquid which will slow down one enemy, and a tattered book which will reveal all your enemy's stats – will you purchase either of these, or save your points?

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