Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Meet up with Mr Tweet RPG at the UK Games Expo!

Here's an epic treat for you all you UK-based Tweet RPG players – a chance to meet up with the creator in real life! An underwhelming flutter of applause ripples across the web... Seriously though, if any of you are planning to attend the UK Games Expo in Birmingham, I'd love to chat face to face.

Now firstly let me clarify – I'm only attending the UK Games Expo as a visitor. I don't have a booth and I'm not involved in any of the events or games. However, I thought I'd let you know that I'm there, because it would be cool to break the digital boundaries of Twitter and say hi in person to anyone who plays the game.

I'm going to be at the exhibition on Saturday the 26th of May, probably for most of the day. If you're gonna be at the event, send me a tweet or comment below, and we'll catch up in the flesh. I'll take lots of pics of anything cool I see, so expect lots of tweets on Saturday!

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