Friday, 27 July 2012

Farewell to Blogger

It's time to say goodbye to Blogger. This has been the home of Tweet RPG for just over a year, and it has done a very good job. However, the time has come to move on – next week, on Wednesday the 1st of August, the new Tweet RPG website will be unveiled!

Why is Tweet RPG moving? Although Blogger has some really useful features, I've pretty much pushed it to the limitations of what it can do for me. I'm rapidly running out of standalone pages (there's a maximum of 20), the structure of the blog is too rigid for my requirements, and there are issues with editing content that constantly causes issues. Therefore, I've been building a new site for the past six months or so, using the WYSIWYG website designing tool, Weebly.

The new site that I've created isn't a ground-breaking revolution – the main improvement I am looking to bring is easier access to the vast amount of content related to Tweet RPG. I've tried to keep things as simple as possible, as this always seems to be the best approach. The editing/publishing features on Weebly will be a definite improvement for me, which will save a lot of time and frustration. I have to say, I'm quite proud of the site – I hope you like it too!

The current Tweet RPG blog will remain accessible, as there are lots of interesting posts and comments on there, but it will merely be an archive of the first year of the project. I do have plans for future improvements to the new site, so any feedback after it goes live will be greatly appreciated. Keep your eyes peeled on Wednesday the 1st of August and let me know what you think!


  1. Looking forward to it! I have moved all of my sites to Weebly and recommend it to everyone.

    1. Glad you're looking forward to it! Weebly is really useful it you just want to create sites/blogs with minimum fuss. Great if you don't know lots about HTML/CSS too.


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