Thursday, 5 July 2012

Hack 'N' Slash Hero: The Final Recap!

We're so close to the end of Hack 'N' Slash Hero, but that doesn't mean you can't join in with the fun! If you want to have your say in the last few votes, but aren't sure what's going on, here's a super-mega-ultra recap of everything that has transpired in Hack 'N' Slash Hero:
  • The realm of Visgarthia is under siege from its dark nemesis, the Affliction. The people of Visgarthia hire the services of 'The Warriors of the Eternal Quest', a band of elite interdimensional heroes, to save them from their peril.
  • Our heroes must search out the three 'Strength of Ages', special powers needed to defeat the enemy. However, each of these powers can only be obtained by facing deadly challenges and dangerous monsters.
  • Having found the three powers, our heroes now make their way to take on the final challenge; facing off against the leader of the Affliction in the overrun capital city of Visgarthia, where the inhabitants have been transformed into murderous zombies.
  • Something strange has occurred throughout this adventure – our heroes have been periodically transported into a strange dimension where the quest is merely some kind of game. Very peculiar...
  • Every time a hero is killed in Hack 'N' Slash Hero, a new warrior joins the fight in their place. So far we've had a cowboy, a werewolf, a sky pirate, a steam-man, and a dwarf, and our current hero is a sentient cybernetic potato called Mookus Maximus! Armed with his trusty grapple gun, Mookus has made it to the final tower, the leader of the Affliction waiting at the top.

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