Friday, 6 July 2012

Hack 'N' Slash Hero: Story Summary - Votes 107-115

  • You had to work hard to clear the path ahead, so you continue on. You find yourself on a walkway above a courtyard, a large set of doors leading off to the left. Below in the courtyard you see a group of Visgarthians about to be zombified by the Affliction monsters.
  • Not wanting to leave the captured men and women to a gruesome fate, you leap down off the walkway, inflicting heavy damage on the fat monster responsible for implanting the evil parasites. Using your fire bomb, you incinerate your enemies as they close in.
  • After receiving some medical care from a Visgarthian healer, you head onwards. Exiting the courtyard onto the battlements of the palace, you are faced with a vast horde of snarling beasts. Using your trusty grapple gun, you vault over the onslaught of attackers towards the final tower.
  • Using your grapple gun again, you climb the side of the building, negotiating the gunfire from the monsters below. You find a familiar character at the top – the Merchant greets you and offers to help you in the fight.
  • Accepting the offer, you enter the palace throne room. The leader of the Affliction, the Afflictor, sits on the throne, grinning viciously. He summons three giant monsters – these guys will not be easy to take down. The Merchant reveals a giant machine gun from his cloak, gunning down the first of the enemies.
  • Using your ‘Tornado of Pain’ skill, you pummel the Affliction monsters into bloody mush. The Afflictor is unharmed by the attack, but the ‘Strength of Ages’ crystals begin to glow, unstoppable power welling in your being.
  • You move to attack but stop – turning to look behind, you see Jamie standing in your bedroom, waiting for you to put down the video game controller. What’s more important – finishing the quest or focusing on your true love? Head over to Twitter and cast your vote in the last decision of Hack ‘N’ Slash Hero!

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