Friday, 6 July 2012

Hack 'N' Slash Hero: Epilogue

Raising the crystal orbs of the Strength of Ages aloft, you feel the unadulterated power of the stones swelling within you. Pure white light ripples around your fists, equipping you with the power to end the fight once and for all.

“You won't stop, will you?” says the Afflictor, gripping his trident defiantly. “Not even if it means losing what really matters.”

You stare impassively back at the leader of the dark horde.

“So be it, hero,” snarls the Afflictor.

You launch yourself at your enemy. The Afflictor raises his weapon to block your attack, but the power of the Strength of Ages is unstoppable. Colliding with the creature, you surge upwards into the air, high above the city. Suspended in the sky, you hurl your nemesis upwards into the atmosphere and unleash the full of might of your ethereal powers in a beam of destructive energy.

The Afflictor howls hideously as he is torn apart, obliterated and annihilated, the fragments of his body burning up in a blaze of holy fire As you descend back down, you see the scourge of the Affliction fading from the planet's surface. The men and women in the city below rejoice as they are freed from their parasitical captivity, cheering as your feet touch back down on the ground.

You've done it – you've defeated the Affliction.

You turn to look at Jamie, only to realise that you are alone in your bedroom, the victory fanfare playing tinnily out from the television's speakers.

The front door slams below.

Throwing down the controller, you run to the window. Looking down on the garden below, you see Jamie walking briskly along the path, face screwed up into a thunderous scowl.

Grabbing your jacket, you fly down the stairs, bursting out of the house.

Heart pounding, you run down the street. Jamie is turning the corner...

You've won the battle and completed the quest...

...but now you're really gonna have to fight...

...if you don't want to be a loser.


Didn't vote for that ending? Want to see how the story could have ended? Read the alternative conclusion to Hack 'N' Slash Hero below!

The crystal orbs of the Strength of Ages fall from your hands, rolling away across the floor, the light fading within them.

The Afflictor cackles with glee.

“You fool,” he chortles with venomous mirth. “Everything you've done has been for nothing – you have failed.”

The grizzled giant slams his trident down, pinning you to the ground and mashing your body to a pulp.

“And now I will show you the wages of your idiocy,” snarls the Afflictor, raising a clawed hand into the air. A cloud of darkness pours from his fingertips, gathering together, images wavering on its surface.

You see countless towns and villages fall under the wrath of the Affliction, brave men and women fighting and dying. The countryside is reduced to a barren wasteland, the land dried up, no sign of anything green or living. The entire planet is blackened, an orb of darkness floating in the void.

“These are your wages,” says the Afflictor. “No one can stand in my way.”

You've stopped listening.

In fact, you don't even care.

You were halfway out the door before the 'game over' lettering appeared on the screen.

Jamie smiles at you as you walk out of the front door and along the path, your heart almost erupting as your love takes your hand.

You've failed the quest, but you're still a winner.


Thanks for playing Hack 'N' Slash Hero! If you have any comments on the adventure, feel free to send me a tweet or share your thoughts below. I hope you've enjoyed playing the adventure as much as I've enjoyed creating it!

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