Thursday, 2 June 2011

Character Creation: Voting results!

A huge thank you to everyone who took part in the 'character creation' voting sessions yesterday, it was a great opportunity to test the voting system before the first adventure, 'King Slayer', begins tomorrow! The results were as follows:

  • Out of the three character classes, 'fast and vicious', 'resilient and sturdy' and 'balanced', the vote went to 'fast and vicious'! This means that your base stats for 'King Slayer' are - ATK: 9, DEF: 7, SPD: 8 and HP: 16.
  • Out of the three character perks, 'sharpshooter', 'healer' and 'happy-go-lucky', the vote went to 'sharpshooter'!
Here are a couple of graphs to show how the votes were distributed:

So, the decision was quite unanimous: you are nimble and agile, capable of deadly attacks. You are extremely skillful with a bow, capable of felling your target with ease. However, you are easily wounded, relying on your speed to keep you safe. It won't take many hits to knock you down, so you'd better stay out of harm's way.

The voting system worked really well in both the voting sessions yesterday; those involved responded as needed for the most part. Just remember: reply to @tw33t_rpg and include the appropriate hashtag!

There are a couple things to clarify in regards to the voting system. Firstly, if you miss a vote, don't worry, you can just join in with the next one. Just make sure you're responding to the current set of decisions and not the previous ones, otherwise your vote won't be counted. Secondly, once 'King Slayer' begins on Friday, there will be voting sessions taking place until the story ends or you fail in your quest. Keep checking in with the @tw33t_rpg during the day, and you'll be able to see when the current vote ends and the next one begins.

If you have any feedback on the 'character creation' votes, the voting system, or any questions about Tweet RPG, feel free to sent a tweet or comment below. Don't forget - the adventure begins at 8.00 am GMT tomorrow!

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