Monday, 30 May 2011

Who are you: character creation voting!

As a trial run to test the Tweet RPG voting system, there will be a 'character creation' voting session on Wednesday the 1st of June!

This is how things will work: at roughly 8.00 am GMT, Tweet RPG will post a tweet with three options relating to what type of character you want to be. The choices are:

  • Fast and vicious - high ATK and SPD, low DEF and HP
  • Resilient and sturdy - high DEF and HP, low ATK and SPD
  • Balanced - even stats
A hashtag will be linked with each choice, e.g. '#trpga'. Reply to @tw33t_rpg, including the hashtag for your choice. After roughly twelve hours, at around 8.00 pm, the voting session will be closed. The votes will be counted and the winning choice announced.

A second voting session will begin immediately after the first one, which will determine which 'character perk' you would like to have. The perks are:
  • Sharpshooter - two extra arrows, a successful shot = instant kill, an unsuccessful shot = HP reduced to half
  • Healer - two extra provisions, provisions always fully restore HP, 1 point added to total HP whenever provisions are used
  • Happy-go-lucky - whenever your SPD or DEF are tested during the story, 2 points will be added to your base stats
So to recap, the first 'character creation' vote will take place between 8.00 am and 8.00 pm on June the 1st, the second vote will start just after 8.00 pm, and will finish at around 8.00 am on June the 2nd. The adventure begins in earnest on Friday!

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