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King Slayer: The story so far - Votes 15-28

King Slayer Vote no.14 is now closed. The winning choice was 'use your bow'! #trpg14a

You fire two arrows in quick succession. The first catches the soldier thru the throat. He topples off the wall, slamming into the ground.

The second arrow plunges into the other soldier's side, blood gushing out. He winces & stumbles but continues on [HP halved].

You attack - hit [-9 HP]

Opponent dead [0/10 HP]

You continue stealthily along the wall, heading towards the north gate. You spot an unusual tent pitched in the courtyard near the gate.

King Slayer Vote no.15: will you continue to the gate = #trpg15a or investigate the tent = #trpg15b ?

King Slayer Vote no.15 is now closed. That tent was just too interesting to pass by! #trpg15b

- x -

You descend from the rooftop, landing lightly on the ground. Peering round the buildings edge, you see two guards at the door of the tent.

As you watch, another soldier approaches the tent. Before the guards can greet him, he unleashes two violent slashes, cutting the men down.

King Slayer Vote no.16: will you confront the mysterious attacker = #trpg16a or leave & head for the gate = #trpg16b ?

King Slayer Vote no.16 is now closed: the winning choice was 'investigate the tent'. #trpg16a

- x -

You move quickly, darting across the square towards the tent. The man has ducked under the entrance - you cautiously follow him in.

You draw your sword. The man has his back to you, about to enter the luxurious tent's inner chamber. "Your mission, stranger?" you ask.

He turns, revealing his face - it is Dyne, Lord of the King. He smiles at you. "I'm about to complete my mission," he says, dagger in hand.

King Slayer Vote no.17: will you insist on helping Dyne complete his task = #trpg17a or leave him and head for the gate = #trpg17b ?

King Slayer Vote no.17 is now closed: 'help Dyne' wins! #trpg17a

- x -

You persuade Dyne to allow you to assist him. Entering the inner chamber, you see the Army Commander asleep on his bunk.

He, is my target,” says Dyne, moving stealthily alongside the Commander's bed. The tall, broad man continues to slumber.

For the king,” says your comrade, raising his dagger.

As the blade falls, the Commander lashes out a fearsome punch into Dyne's face, sending him reeling back.

Dyne collapses, stunned. The Commander grabs his mighty claymore, upon you in an instant [bow unusable].

You slide past him, slashing his side. [-6 HP]

He counters with well-timed kick, striking your ribs. [-4 HP 13/17]

You cut into his leg, but the attack is weak. [-2 HP]

The commander slams his sword down into your shoulder, leaving a deep wound. [-8 HP 5/17]

You counterattack with a swift stab. [-5 HP]

The towering man pulls you close, driving his skull into your face. [-4 HP 1/17]

You punch into the Commander's midriff – a poor attack. [-2 HP]

Striking powerfully, the Commander's blade smashes you aside. [-8 HP 0/17]

*AUTO HEAL* [-1 provisions, half HP restored – 9/17]

The commander attacks again mercilessly, your blood spilling out. [-6 HP 3/17]

With all your remaining strength, you thrust your sword into the Commander's chest. He grimaces, half-smiling, then crumples, dead. [0/15]

King Slayer Vote no.18: will you use provisions = #trpg18a or do not use provisions = #trpg18b ? [HP: 3/17]

King Slayer Vote no.18 is now closed. You've used your last pack of provisions. #trpg18a [HP fully restored - 17/17]

- x -

You help Dyne to his feet. He sways groggily. You notice the Commander's giant sword lying on the floor of the tent - a powerful weapon.

King Slayer Vote no.19: will you take the 'Commander's Claymore' [lose bow & short sword] = #trpg19a or leave it behind = #trpg19b ?

The massive sword lies on the tent floor - clearly a powerful weapon, but heavy & unwieldy. [stats: +2 ATK, +1 DEF, -3 SPD]

King Slayer Vote no.19 is now closed. You've decided to stick with what you've got - will it be a wise choice? #trpg19b

- x -

Dyne looks miserably down at the Commander's prone form. "I have failed," he mutters. You grasp his shoulder. "We have to go," you tell him.

You exit the tent to find three soldiers inspecting the bodies of their comrades. Dyne snaps out of his mood, engaging one of the enemies.

The two remaining soldiers [moderate threat] circle around you. "Drop your weapon, and we may reward you with a quick death," one snarls.

King Slayer Vote no.20: will you use your bow [-2 arrows] = #trpg20a or attack with your short sword = #trpg20b?

King Slayer Vote no.20 is now closed. It's archery time! #trpg20a

- x -

The soldiers don't even have time to cry out - your arrows pierce them with deadly accuracy. You turn to see Dyne running his opponent thru.

Shouts echo from the streets about you - more soldiers are coming. "Go!" shouts Dyne. "I'll hold them here - a chance to regain my honour."

King Slayer Vote no.21: leave Dyne to distract the soldiers = #trpg21a or stay with him & fight your way out = #trpg21b?

King Slayer Vote no.21 is now closed. The winning choice is 'let Dyne distract the soldiers'. #trpg21a

- x -

You duck into an empty side street as the soldiers enter the square, charging at Dyne. Your comrade raises his twin swords, ready to attack.

You watch briefly. Dyne cuts down foe after foe, but more come. The wild joy of battle is in his eyes - he will achieve a valiant death.

The streets leading to the north gate are deserted. Sneaking closer, you see three guards [moderate threat] slouching next to the exit.

King Slayer Vote no.22: will you attack = #trpg22a, attempt to sneak by = #trpg22b or wait & see if the situation changes = #trpg22c?

King Slayer Vote no.22 is now closed. You all chose to be sneaky! #trpg22b

- x -

[SPD tested = unsuccessful] As you try to slip past the guards, one turns and sees you - they draw their weapons [bow unusable].

You attack - miss

Guard 1 attacks - miss

Guard 2 attacks - hit [no damage]

Guard 3 attacks - miss

You attack - hit [-10 HP, Guard 1 dead]

Guard 2 attacks - hit [-3 HP, 14/17]

Guard 3 attacks - misses again

You attack - sadly, a miss

Guard 2 attacks - hit [-2 HP, 12/17]

Guard 3 attacks - hit [-1 HP, 11/17]

You attack - hit [-5 HP]

Guard 2 attacks - hit [-4 HP, 7/17]

Guard 3 attacks - hit [-2 HP, 5/17]

You attack - hit [-5 HP, Guard 2 dead]

Guard 3 attacks - swing & a miss

You attack - hit [-10 HP, Guard 3 dead]

Although your wounds are severe, you manage to open the side gate & exit the city. With as much speed as you dare, you run for the woods.

You run until you are sure no-one is pursuing. Collapsing with exhaustion and pain, the world dims around you, darkness falling.

You awake in a sunlit clearing, feeling a sense of peace. A stone shrine stands before you. There is an inscription carved on its base.

King Slayer Vote no.23: will you give in to the over-powering urge to touch the shrine = #trpg23a or read the inscription first = #trpg23b?

King Slayer Vote no.23 is now closed. You're a very cautious bunch - 'read the inscription' wins. #trpg23b

- x -

You lean close, reading the writing carved on the weathered, ivy-covered stone. It reads: "Healing for the Weary, Rest for the Heroic."

You touch the shrine. As your flesh meets the rough stone, a holy force washes over you. [HP fully restored, +1 base HP]

Your pack suddenly feels heavier - you open it to find it restocked with provisions. Your quiver is also mystically refilled.

You leave the clearing, knowing deep within you that whatever my befall you, this will always be a safe haven. [progressed saved]

You find your way back to the road. Stepping onto the track, you spy two Skavian cavalry troopers [moderate/high threat] ride towards you.

King Slayer Vote no.24: will you use your bow [-2 arrows] = #trpg24a, attack with your sword = #trpg24b or hide in the trees = #trpg24c?

King Slayer Vote no.24 is now closed. A battle avoided is a battle won! #trpg24c

- x -

[SPD tested - successful] The soldiers thunder by on the road, unaware that you are hidden in the treeline. Once out of sight, you continue.

You travel on. Eventually the trees thin out, making way for open plains. The road is the fastest route, but offers no cover...

King Slayer Vote no.25: will continue along the main path to Rockreach = #trpg25a or head thru the countryside towards your goal = #trpg25b?

King Slayer Vote no.25 is now closed: you're going offroad! #trpg25b

- x -

You head off away from the road, walking thru the long grass. The wind sends shimmering waves across the sea of thin green strands.

As you walk throughout the day, dark clouds form above. You pull up your hood. Speckles of rain soon become a full-blown downpour.

Thru the curtain of water hammering down, you see a farmhouse near a copse of trees. It appears abandoned, but you never know...

King Slayer Vote no.26: will you investigate the farmhouse = #trpg26a or continue thru the storm = #trpg26b?

King Slayer Vote no.26 is now closed: the winning choice was 'investigate the farmhouse'. #trpg26a

- x -

You carefully open the wooden door, peering into the darkened house. It appears to be empty. You enter, glad to be out of the storm.

You survey the homely farmhouse. You can see into the kitchen on the left, & up the stairs straight ahead. Where to explore first?

King Slayer Vote no.27: will you have a look in the kitchen = #trpg27a or explore upstairs = #trpg27b?

King Slayer Vote no.27 is now closed. You're heading upstairs! #trpg27b

- x -

You climb the stairs, the boards creaking. The upper floor of the house is deserted, there doesn't seem to be anything of use anywhere.

As you head back towards the stairs, the front door opens below. You watch, hidden, as a Skavian scout [moderate threat] enters the house.

King Slayer Vote no.28: will you attack with your bow [-1 arrow] = #trpg28a, attack with your sword = #trpg28b or observe & wait = #trpg28c?

King Slayer Vote no.28 is now closed: you're going to see how things pan out before getting involved. #trpg28c

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