Monday, 12 December 2011

Time to Die: Story Summaries - Votes 24-35

  • Time to get aggressive. You stride across the room and snatch the phone out of Morris' hands, pinning him against the wall. You interrogate the frightened man – he reveals that project 'Odin's Spear' was a military contract for developing advanced targeting methods, but Dr Obadiah was using the budget for his own means. Morris claims to know nothing about Obadiah's assistant...
  • Two security guards enter the room. You engage them in hand-to-hand combat and defeat them easily. Leaving the office, you head for the fire escape. A burly guard blocks your path, but you utilise your superior agility to dodge past him.
  • Outside on the fire escape gantry, the wind rips into you as air vehicles fly past. You begin to descend down the stairs, but are cut off by more security guards heading upwards. Kicking open a maintenance hatch, you climb onto the outside of the gantry. The guards begin to shake the wire mesh you're clinging onto – you won't be able to hold on much longer...
  • With a wild leap, you jump out onto a passing air-car. Tumbling backwards, you grab hold of the rear aerofoil, wrenching your arm viciously. The vehicle plummets to the ground, swerving out of control, but saved from danger by the high-tension safety nets. You stumble off into an alleyway and bandage up your arm.
  • Deciding to throw off any potential tail from CygNet Research, you head on in search of a disguise. You contact an old friend, Don 'No-Hands' Gretch, who suggests a guy in the local area who could help out. You make your way to the small rundown shop that No-Hands directed you to, and opt to look round the back for a less obvious entrance. Finding a locked door, you've got a few options: pick the lock, force the door open, or search for another way in?

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