Friday, 23 December 2011

Time to Die: Story Summaries - Votes 48-57

  • The employee areas of the apartment building seem the best place to investigate first. You head down the corridor, finding a kitchen and a washroom – you decide to check out the washroom. Inside, you find a locker room with doors leading to male and female shower facilities.
  • Checking the lockers, you find some cleaner's overalls. As you don your new-found disguise, a man exits the showers – he's not happy that you're stealing his uniform, and attacks you. Taking a few hits, you manage to subdue him, hiding his unconscious form in a toilet cubical.
  • Exiting the washroom, you bump into another cleaner. Maintaining your cool, you chat with the man, moving on as soon as possible. Grabbing a cleaner's trolley and mop, you head out into the plush corridor.
  • Entering the lift, you decide to check floor number three – hopefully you'll find Coates' apartment (number 34) on that floor. Checking the numbers on the doors, you work out that you actually need to go to floor six. Sticking with your cleaner disguise, you push your trolley back to the lift.
  • You meet a female employee as you arrive on floor six, but she is fooled by your disguise. Finding Martin Coates' apartment, you knock on the door – no answer, so you pick the lock.
  • Once inside the apartment, you find Coates dead on the floor. He's been stabbed in the back of the head, the murder weapon being the gold pen you picked up earlier and left at Dr Obadiah's lab. Someone is trying to frame you.
  • You jam the door shut and search Coates' body, finding some cash and his air-car key fob. You try to remove the incriminating pen, but it won't budge from the dead man's skull. Thuds resound on the apartment door – the security have been alerted. In a moment of inspiration, you activate the emergency summon function on Coates' air-car – a possible escape route.
  • The air-car hovers into view, floating obediently next to the building. Using your gun and a nearby chair, you shatter the window just as the security guards crash through the door. Jumping out into the night sky, you almost miss the car, grasping hold with your fingertips. You struggle onboard and consider your next course of action – dump the car and make a run for it on foot, or use the vehicle to put some distance between you and the crime scene?

Note: there will be no new story updates until January 3rd 2012 – Vote no.58 will stay open until 8:00am GMT on the above date.

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