Saturday, 17 December 2011

Time to Die: Story Summaries - Votes 36-47

  • You attempt to pick the lock, but are unsuccessful & manage to jam it. Taking the next best option, you ram into the door, forcing it open. Inside you find a messy storeroom filled with junk, as well as a broken food chiller – a strange noise emits from the large container...
  • Investigating inside the chiller, you find an injured man, bound by his hands and feet. He begs you to release him. You ask for more info on why the man is imprisoned, but he become agitated. Before you can take action, you feel a shotgun barrel press against the back of your head.
  • Your unseen assailant orders you to state what you're doing – you comply, explaining the situation. When you mention your old friend No-Hands, the man with the gun relaxes – he lowers his weapon, explaining that he's captured the injured man to claim a bounty on his head.
  • The man agrees to help – he sells you a face-jack (a high-tech mask) and informs you that CygNet have put out a bounty for your capture. You leave his shop, disguised.
  • Considering your current leads, you decide to follow up the scrap of metal you found in Dr Obadiah's lab. Popping into a nearby electronics store, you discover that the metal is from a 'flesh scale', high density armour-skin – a cyborg enhancement. You head towards Cannervale, the cyborg district, to find more answers...
  • Your path into Cannervale is blocked by a police barricade – there's a riot going on between the authorities and militant cyborgs. You decide not to get involved, opting to check out CygNet Research employee Martin Coates instead of the scrap of metal.
  • Coates' dwelling is located in an affluent part of town. Standing in front of his apartment building, you decide to check out a catering van parked at the side. There's a man unloading crates of food – you engage him in conversation, and bluff your way inside the building. Where should you head – towards the apartments or have a better look around the back area?

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