Friday, 13 January 2012

Time to Die: Story Summaries - Votes 68-73

  • Taking a cab over to the blonde assistant's apartment seems to be the best option. The journey goes without incident. Arriving in front of the apartment building, the woman explains that you'll need to check the disused office block opposite for proof of Obadiah's attempt to murder her with his time-travel device. You insist she accompanies you – not in the mood to trust anyone yet...
  • You enter the rundown building and ascend the stairs. As you search the rooms you are ambushed by a massive mechanically enhanced cyborg. The brute knocks you to the ground, but a bullet from your gun brings him crashing down.
  • You discover a large piece of equipment near the window facing the woman's apartment – a targeting device. The woman gives you a DNA sleeve, a glove imbued with with a specific person's genetic code. As you touch the targeting device, the glove glows green, proof that Dr Obadiah's DNA is on the device.
  • As you head towards the stairs you hear other people in the building – two police officers are climbing up towards you. The woman states that she'll trick them so you can both escape – you go along with the plan. Her ruse works, allowing you both to get out.
  • Leaving the woman, you head on to your next destination; confronting Dr Obadiah. You decide to head underground into the sewers to avoid the cops. Finding an entrance point, you are barred by a padlocked door – will you try to pick the lock, use one of your precious bullets to destroy it, or see if a hefty kick will do the job?

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