Saturday, 21 January 2012

Time to Die: Story Summaries - Votes 74-83

  • The lock shatters as you give it a savage kick, opening the way. You meet a creepy little man in the dark and grimy corridors – he offers to tell you the way through the sewers, if you pay him or answer a riddle. You take the intellectual challenge and answer the riddle correctly.
  • The impish man offers you two routes: quick and dangerous or slow and safe. You opt for the quick route. Entering a wide tunnel, you find yourself surrounded by three disfigured mutants, baying viciously. You use your taser grenade, stunning the monsters instantly.
  • As you continue, you a spot a water technician who has been cornered by a particularly powerful mutant, a giant 'spewer' with toxic mucous dripping from it's maw. Feeling helpful, you step in and defeat the creature. The technician thanks you and offers to guide you out of the sewers – you take up his offer.
  • You pass a work station in the passageways. The technician suggests that he could mend his sonic pulser, the device he uses to ward off the mutants. You agree, defending him from more mutants whilst he works. With the pulser fixed, you continue onwards, the mutants scared away by the ultrasonic noise it emits. 
  • You find the exit – a tall ladder leading up to a hatch in the ceiling. However, the bottom rungs are missing. Some mutants cower in the corner by some crates. You get the technician to give you a boost, then tell him to use one of the prone mutants as a stepladder – it works! You exit the sewers, leaving the technician to go on his way.
  • Back on the streets, with daylight emerging over the skyscrapers, you decide to hide out until nightfall, hopefully avoiding the cops. There are a few places you could lie low: a crummy-looking hotel, an office building with vacant floors or a rundown cinema. Where will you hide?

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