Saturday, 7 January 2012

Time to Die: Story Summaries - Votes 58-67

  • You tell the air-car autopilot to fly away from the building. The police take control of the vehicle, which drops out of the flow of traffic. Fiddling around inside the dashboard, you manage to fry the system, sending the car plummeting to the ground.
  • Escaping unscathed, you flee the scene of the crash – air travel doesn't seem to be a good idea for you. Pausing in a quiet alley, you dump the cleaner's uniform but decide to keep the face-jack – the police might recognise you but the CygNet security force will still be none the wiser.
  • As you move on, you spot a familiar face across the street – it's Dr Obadiah's assistant. You decide to follow her from a distance. The blonde woman enters a shopping complex, exiting at the other end and heading down a deserted street.
  • You watch carefully as a man steps out of the shadows, catching up to the blonde assistant. She screams as he grabs her, questioning her about something. Deciding to stop this before she gets hurt, you approach the struggling pair. As soon as the man notices you he turns and attacks, cyborg blades protruding from his arms. You defeat him with ease. Dr Obadiah's assistant leads you away to a storage container, inside which you take shelter.
  • Rather that take the aggressive route, you go for a 'softly, softly' approach in trying to get some answers out of the assistant. She reveals that she believes it was Dr Obadiah who killed Martin Coates, thus framing you. There's another revelation – the assistant tells you that the doctor's device is a time-machine. She shows you a wound on her hand similar to that on the body of Coates – evidence that the doctor tried to use his device to kill her too...
  • You inquire as to the doctor's motive; why would he want to kill Martin Coates? She replies that he may be covering his tracks, preventing anyone at CygNet Research finding out about his discovery. When you ask why there's no record of her being the doctor's assistant, the woman becomes defensive, stating that she organised her placement through the doctor, who must have falsified the CygNet information given to her university.
  • The assistant requests that you help her investigate how far Dr Obadiah's time-travel research has developed – you decide it's in your interest to help her. She says the two of you should head over to her flat in Earls and see if you can find some clues. Will you walk or take a cab?

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