Saturday, 28 January 2012

Time to Die: Story Summaries - Votes 84-91

  • The crummy cinema looks like a good spot for hide out. You enter the building and have a look at the listings – conveniently for you, there's a science fiction marathon running today. You buy a ticket and spend the rest of the day in the near-darkness of the screening room.
  • As the final film draws to its finale, a police officer enters the room, surveying the people. You carefully remove your face-jack mask – the police don't know your real face. The officer passes by, unaware of who you are.
  • You stay to the end of the movie, exiting with the small crowd of viewers. There are a couple of cops on the street outside – could be trouble. You decide to continue alone rather than striking up a conversation with someone. The police officers ignore you.
  • You press onwards towards the doctor's lab. Turning a corner, you find your path blocked by three goons in grey suits – CygNet Research has found you! You try to reason with the men, but they aren't having any of it. The men surround you and attack. You fight valiantly, but are defeated...
  • You come to your senses in a darkened room, tied to a chair. The goons drag out another trussed-up figure – it's the man that sold you the face-jack. Using your gun, they end his life – now there are two bodies leading back to you.
  • The CygNet thugs offer you a choice – tell them why you supposedly killed Martin Coates and they'll hand you over to the police alive, or they'll make sure you die as slowly and painfully as possible. You tell them the truth – you've been set up, the doctor is trying to cover up his discovery of time-travel. The men don't buy it. With a knife at your throat, they demand answers... or else. Will you be defiant to the end, or beg them to have mercy?

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