Saturday, 30 June 2012

Hack 'N' Slash Hero: Story Summary - Votes 97-106

  • A new hero is chosen to face off against Afflicted Tharn – Mookus Maximus, the sentient cybernetic potato (no.59)! In the guise of your new character, you defeat the brainwashed dwarf in combat, breaking the Affliction's power over him and sending him back to the ranks of waiting heroes.
  • You decide to question the previously infected Visgarthian, who lies unconscious nearby. He is terrified when he wakes, but you calm him and get some useful info from him.
  • Following the man's advice, you head for the eastern wall of the city. Entering through a blown-out section of the battlements, you opt to traverse the rooftops, heading towards the palace at the centre of the city – where you figure you'll find the leader of the Affliction.
  • Making your way stealthily over the rooftops, you come to a wide river cutting through the city. You choose to cross via a small boat, but there are a large number of Afflicted Visgarthians on the streets below. You create a distraction, and make it to the boat undetected.
  • Rowing across the river, you enter a tunnel in the river wall. Inside, you find a jetty at the side of the tunnel, leading to a locked iron bar door. You leave the boat, break through the locked door, and head up a flight of stairs.
  • You find yourself in a small armoury, two Afflicted soldiers also in the room. The brainwashed men attack and heavily injure you, but you manage to defeat them. You search the room and find some useful items, but someone approaches...
  • You try to bar the door but an Afflicted Visgarthian berserker crashes through before you can do so. You struggle against the powerful man and are forced to slay him. The doorway leading out of the room appears to be clear – will you head onwards this way or return to the boat and continue along the tunnel? Head over to Twitter, follow @tw33t_rpg, and make your choice!

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