Thursday, 26 May 2011

The adventure begins soon!

'King Slayer', the first Tweet RPG adventure now has an official start date! The quest will begin on Friday the 3rd of June, at approximately 8.00 am GMT!

Just to clarify, all you need to do to get involved is sign up to Twitter and follow @tw33t_rpg. When a 'story decision' tweet is posted, reply to @tw33t_rpg using the hashtag for your story choice - i.e. '#trpg1a' for option 'a', etc. For a more thorough explanation, visit the the 'How to Play' page.

You can join in whenever you want, don't worry if you've missed the start - you can read the prologue here and catch up with the story by reading the previous tweets. Each vote will close roughly twelve hours after it has opened, so everyone should have a fair chance to make their choice.

So, to recap, 'King Slayer' begins on Friday the 3rd of June at 8.00 am GMT! Follow on Twitter and be the hero!

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