Tuesday, 24 May 2011


  • Once a story progression tweet has been posted, i.e. a tweet offering story decisions, followers have roughly 12 hours to post their choice. A warning will be posted to alert followers when the closing time is near. No votes will be counted after the moderator has posted the 'closing' tweet.
  • One vote per account. Multiple votes or simultaneous votes for multiple options will be void. However, users with multiple accounts may cast multiple votes if using a different account for each vote.
  • If after a voting session the vote is tied, Random.org will be used to determine the story decision.
  • With each story, the followers will have two retries should they perish before they reach the story's conclusion. If you are unsuccessful a third time, a new story will begin, with the opportunity to retry the failed story in the future.
  • The 'story events web' will be finalised before the story begins. Unless it is fundamentally necessary, it will not be changed or amended once the adventure is underway, but the moderators reserve the right to adjust the story as they seen fit.
  • Anyone deemed to be spoiling the Tweet RPG experience for other users (through abusive/offensive language etc.), or consistently aiming to exploit the project for their own gain, will be blocked and excluded from further Tweet RPG adventures.
  • Tweet RPG is currently in the prototype stage of development, and thus the moderators reserve the right to adjust any of the rules or processes, to ensure users are provided with the most effective and satisfactory experience possible.
  • Have fun and enjoy yourselves!

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