Saturday, 7 May 2011

How to play

  • Firstly, sign up to Twitter (if you haven't already) and follow @tw33trpg.
  • An extended prologue for each adventure will be posted on this blog – read this to get the full introduction to the story.
  • Read the first story tweet and post your hashtag vote. Here is an example story tweet:

You stand on the open plains, the road forking into three paths ahead of you. Will you go #trpg1a North, #trpg1b East or #trpg1c West?

  • To place you vote, tweet one of the above hashtags. For example:

@tw33trpg I say we go West #trpg1c

  • Each voting session will stay open for roughly 12 hours – a warning will be posted when the voting is coming to an end.
  • Once the voting is closed, the votes will be counted and the story will continue in accordance with the majority choice.
  • Wait for the next update and see where your choices lead!

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